10 Camping Best Practices

Tent in the White Mountains of Arizona

1.  When traveling to your camping spot, stay on the designated roads.

2.  Go camping with at least two other people – solo camping can leave you vulnerable.

3.  Leave early to your campsite so you will have plenty of time to find the best spot and to set up.

4.  Always use the Trash cans- and if they are not available be sure to carry out all your trash.

5.  Bide by the campfire restrictions.  If you can have a fire, use the existing ring.

6.  Contact the land manager for area restrictions, closures, and permit requirements.

7.  Check the weather forecast for where you are going ahead of time. Be sure to pack          appropriately.

8.  Keep noise to a minimum and respect campers privacy.

9.  Prepare for the unexpected and pack emergency items.

10. Camp at least 200 ft from water, trails, and other campsites.


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