5 Boredom Buster Games to Play while Camping

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There may be those times when your kids actually say they are bored in camp.  I know this is rare for my kids to say- but it does happen.  If there is bad weather, or they can’t do a particular activity then you may hear these two dreaded words, “I’m bored”.

Here are 5 game ideas for you to plan & prepare before your next camping trip.

Leaf Boat Races

Find a stream near your campsite. Each person will create a craft from sticks, pine needles, bark, grass, and leaves.  (Try to keep them away from living plants).  Set a start and finish line; have them line up their boats and then on the count of three- the players will launch.  The first one to reach the finish line of course is the winner.


Bat Tag

This involves some education- which I think is pretty cool.  Explain to your kids how the bats use sonar for hunting purposes.  There are two variations of this game- one with eyes open and the other one eyes closed.  Depending on the ages of the kids playing, the number in the group and the terrain should determine this.

Eyes open is very similar to hide and seek- One player is the bat and the other players are the insects.  The bat will count to 25 or 30 while the “bugs” hide.  Set those boundaries for how far they can go to hide.  Once the bat sets out to eat it’s dinner- it should start to peep loudly.  Then each time the bat peeps, the insects make quiet but audible peeps which will create the affect of an echo.  Once the bug is found- the bug becomes the bat and they go out together to find the rest of the remaining bugs.  Then, finally the last insect is found they become the new bat.

In the close eyed version, the bat is blindfolded and the insects move around the bat in fairly close proximity.  The bat will peep and the bugs peep back.  Set boundaries that the insects must stay within to not make it too difficult for the blindfolded bat.  When the bat tags the bug-they go to the bat cave (a spot at the campsite).  The last bug caught becomes the new Bat.

Twenty Questions

The players will find a natural object somewhere at the campsite- pinecone, feather, etc.  They will then keep this object hidden.  Taking turns, each players asks a question to then identify the hidden object.  Whoever is holding the object can only say yes or not to the person guessing.   The winner will be the one who had the most questions asked about their object before it was revealed.

Fire Stick Robbers

The kids should have a lot of fun with this one- they will start out by collecting various sticks and twigs.  One player will sit on the ground with a blindfold. The rest of the players will then place the sticks around the player- (bonfire style).  Once all the sticks have been set against the player, the children must take turns sneaking up the “fire child”, and steal a single stick.  If the fire child detects any movement, they must point in the direction of the stick stealer.  The child who gets caught must go to jail.  The winner is going to the be the child who gets the most sticks without being detected.

Sports & Free Play

Always be sure to keep some frisbees, and an assortment of balls in your camping arsenal.  Growing up my family would play Disc Golf- and we would use the trees as the “hole”.  It was so much fun and a memory that I will never forget.  At our last family campout with AZ State Parks, my son played soccer with the other kids for hours.


So with a little imagination and creativity, you can always keep your kids from being bored in camp.  These games are just scraping the surface, but should give you a great head start in combatting those, “I’m so bored” statements.

Have other camping games your family plays?  Please leave in the comments below!


Happy Camping!

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