5 Reasons to Go Camping This Summer

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Does Camping seem like too much hassle for you at times?  Is it easier to sit on the sofa during the weekend rather than heading outdoors?  Well, if so, we have 5 Great Reasons for you to plan, pack, and partake in camping this Summer.


To Get Away From it All

Camping is a perfect way to get a mental “detox”.  Walking in the forest can decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol, slow pulse rate, and reduce blood pressure, according to a recent study from Chiba University in Japan.  This can happen even after 15 minutes, so imagine what 36 more hours could do for you.   This means even on those trips where things go wrong, you will still come home feeling refreshed and reinvigorated!

Camping Inspires Creativity

Be sure to take your Journal with you because more than likely, you will be inspired like never before! Research shows that just five minutes of exercise in a natural environment boosts your mood. Lush green scenery is more motivating than a gym television permanently stuck on the news. One study found that backpackers scored 50 percent better on a creativity test after spending four days in the outdoors, disconnected from electronic devices. Our mind can relax when we turn off our cell phones and tablet devices, scientists say, freeing up our imagination.

You’ll sleep Like a Baby

According to the  Journal, Current Biology, one weekend sleeping outdoors can actually reset your clock, which lets you drift off earlier and wake up less groggy.  When you are indoors, you’re exposed to a limited amount of natural light and then even more  artificial light at night.  This is a combination that can confuse your body clock and delay the flipping of your inner bedtime switch by an hour or more.  While camping, you are exposed to 13 times brighter daytime light and much less light at night which ultimately makes your sleep so much better.

Improves Your Health

The feeling you get when you’re around nature gives your body a chance to build up your immune system, found scientists at the University of Illinois, who reviewed existing research on the health effects of nature. When you relax, your body can put that energy toward the systems that offer long term health benefits, like your immune system.

Studies have also found that those in a natural environment reported less negative thoughts and also had reduced neural activity in the pre-frontal cortex – an area of the brain related to mental illness.  Spending time outdoors surrounded by nature can greatly benefit one’s psychological and physical well-being.

Staying Fit is More Fun

If you plan on hiking or going on a trail run while camping, you can expect to have an incredible workout!  Compared to going to the gym, exercising outdoors makes people even happier and more energized, Environmental Science and Technology reports.  Other research found that while you may push yourself harder during outdoor activities, you actually feel as if you’re putting less effort because you’re having a better time.

If you are new to camping- have no worry.  In addition to our Camping Concierge services & training at  ACE, you can learn camping skills from numerous organizations:

  • AZ Family Campout Program: https://azstateparks.com/family-camp/
  • REI Classes: https://www.rei.com/events
  • BOW (Becoming an Outdoor Woman): https://www.arizonaoutdoorwomen.com/
  • Outessa (Women Only Adventures): com


So the next time you just want to kick it in front of the TV rather than go camping- review these reasons to get inspired!  It may be a tiny bit of work to get out to the woods, but once you do- you’ll know it’s the best thing you could have done!  Have other reasons you like to go camping?  Let us hear it and leave your comment below!


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