5 Tips on Photographing the Sunset

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Besides camping and hiking, photography is one of the most enjoyable ways I spend my time.  Now- when I can combine an outdoor adventure with photography, it’s even better.  Arizona has some of the most beautiful sunsets- and even more amazing when in the desert. So for those of you who like photography, I wanted to share some tips with you that have helped me the most.


  1. Use a Tripod- This guarantees a sharper image in the low light, and also helps you to focus on a subject that you want to shoot.
  2. Do not use the Flash (This artificial light does not look good).
  3. Try your best to include an object in the foreground to create a three dimensional image.  This also makes the photography more interesting.
  4. Set your camera on manual focus.  If you don’t do this- the background will be crisp but the foreground blurred.
  5. Similar to #4, you also want to set your camera to manual exposure.  Take a meter reading (there is an app for this), with the sun near but not in the shot.  Now- use this metered reading/setting to take the shot.  This should keep your images from being too dark.


Have other suggestions you’d like to share on taking sunset shots?  I would love to hear them!  Please leave your comments below.




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