5 Ways to Save Money on Summer Camps

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Summer Camp is an exciting option for both parents and kids.  I know my kids love going to different camps during the summer.

Depending on the camp however- it can be expensive.  I wanted to share some tips with you on how you could save money on summer camps.  So the next time you look into a camp, review their website for the following cost savings- and then ASK about these various discounts.


  1.  Get an Early Bird Discount:  Camp Directors want to fill camp slots as soon as possible (so they get paid sooner).  There are only a few months out of the year that Camp Directors can make money.  Some camps may offer you a discount rate in exchange for an early registration. and sometimes pre-payment. So make sure you ask the Camp Director about Early Bird Specials.
  2. Sibling Discount:  You may not see this advertised for a specific camp, but you might as well ask if you can get a discount if Jr. comes along as well.
  3. Group Discounts:  Bringing a large group of kids vs. a couple could make a difference in the price as well.  For Camp Directors -they maximize their time and money to have more kids.  Ask to get a 10% discount if you are taking a large group.
  4. Camp Scholarships:  Summer camp scholarship funds mainly fall into two different categories.  There are summer camp funded scholarships and external, third party funded camp scholarships.  For example, here is a scholarship for Camp Huawni.  It doesn’t hurt to just ask if a scholarship is available at your chosen summer camp.  For camps that are accredited with the  ACA Camps, they can provide scholarships.
  5.  Lock in Rates:  Out of necessity, camps often raise their prices a little bit every year. Once you attend, ask if you can freeze your rates so you won’t pay the increased price the following year.


So here are 5 ways to look into getting a Discount or a Scholarship for your kids Summer Camp.  Don’t let the expense stop you from giving your kids a great experience this Summer.

Know other ways to save money on Camp?  I would love to hear your thoughts-please leave a comment below.


Happy Camping!



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