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Portrait in Apache Junction, AZ


Hello my Camping friends! Thank you so much for stopping by. Okay, so you’re on this page to learn more about the person who put this site together, so here goes. I am from Idaho- and grew up camping, fishing, and hiking with my family. Some of my favorite memories are playing disc golf with my Dad and Uncles in the ID Mountains during our family reunions.

These experiences have stayed with me through adulthood and now my entire life is based around the outdoors. I am fortunate and blessed to “work” full time in this industry. I am the Founding member of an Outdoor Adventure Cooperative and the Co-Director for a Non-Profit organization that provides outdoor recreation opportunities for underprivileged youth.


In nature is where I have always felt where I belonged. Until I was 18 years of age, I had a large gap in my front teeth and was always teased. When I was in the Outdoors – I could be me and not worry about being judged. It was through being active outdoors that I maintained my confidence and self-worth.

I want to provide this inspiration for others that may be looking for that one thing in this life that gives them a peace of mind. In my opinion, getting out in nature is by far the best remedy.



I want to be a voice for people to get outdoors and go camping. I am passionate about inspiring others to live a healthy and active life outdoors. For those who are stressed out from work and want to spend time with their family, camping is the perfect getaway! You will find peace in your life from being out in nature.

You will also learn new skills and become more competent in setting up a tent, starting a fire, and baiting a line. Camping is also the best place to go with friends- so you can sit around a campfire and share your life with other people. And camping puts you all on even ground (no pun intended).

It doesn’t matter if your a doctor, teacher, or stay at home with your kids. Camping takes us to the basics of life- Food, fun, family and friends.

If you are reading this in January 2019, I just started my site. As I build this out, I will be adding great content and resources related to camping in AZ.  There are so many other activities that can branch off from Camping- such as backpacking, trail running, and even Dutch oven cooking.


Please contact me at any time with comments or questions: misty@azcampingexperience.com.

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  1. Ken

    It was great to stop and visit your site. I found it through a mutual community. RVing and camping have been a passion of mine since I went on my first camping trip with my family as a kid, I was about 11yo. I purchased travel trailer during the time I was married. I took my boys’ camping and the absolutely loved it as I did. Lost the travel trailer in the divorce process due to some financial hardships. The boys and I were devastated. Now I have been divorced for 7 years. Slowly working my way back to get an RV for my retirement home, yes I’m going FULL TIME. Anyway, this was great to meet up, looking forward to seeing more.

    • admin

      Hello Ken- Thank you so much for your comment! So good to hear that you enjoy camping and will be getting an RV. I know a lot of people that have retired and bought RV’s;they get to travel to all the different parks around the Nation. Best of luck to you on all of your adventures!

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