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I had a call today from a lady today whose family will be vacationing in AZ for a week in June.  They are staying at one of the Campgrounds at Big Lake- Near Springerville, AZ.  This place is dubbed as “Arizona’s Best Kept Secret”.  Anyway, she was asking about RV Rental and Delivery places. So I did my homework and got back to her. I thought this information would be valuable to share with my loyal readers as well. With this said- here are some resources for you when you are wanting to vacation in AZ in an RV.

Rental and Delivery Service:
Robert O (person who has an RV Rental &Delivery):
RV Rental in Springerville:
RV Rental in Greer/Springerville:
And or course I need to throw in some type of activity as well.  You really shouldn’t just sit in your RV or around the campfire the entire time.
Horseback Riding:
Happy Camping!

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