Best Camping Spots in Arizona

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Best Camping Spots in Arizona


Wherever you are a resident or a visitor,  you’ll be positively overwhelmed by the number of fantastic camping spots in Arizona. There are so many to choose from that we thought we’d help you out and provide our opinion on what we think are some of the Best Camping Spots in Arizona. 

Twin Peaks Camp Area

The spots are located west of Twin Lakes Reservoir, and the area is not only perfect for campers who are fans of the Twin Peaks TV series. Everyone can enjoy them. The area offers spectacular views and beautiful nature all around. Plus, the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is close by.

You can camp with a tent, an RV; it doesn’t matter as everything is available. There’s plenty of drinking water, and toilets are available as well.

Airplane Flat Camping Spots

The campsites around Airplane Flat are dispersed around the area. These locations are set among gorgeous Ponderosa Pine trees. It’s truly a superb place to go camping as you are surrounded by diverse and magnificent flora and fauna.

The sites have no water, so you’ll have to bring your own. But the location is perfect for camping for extended periods or simple picnics, all year round. Toilets are available.

 Lockett Meadow Campsite

If you’re a real adventurer and seasoned camper, then there’s no better place to camp than the Lockett Meadow campground. The location is close to the San Francisco Peaks, one of the highest in the state. There’s a lot of wildlife in the area, and it’s a destination for real adventurers. A splendid example of untampered nature. You might occasionally run into an elk or porcupine.

You can go there in any season, but do be careful when there’s a lot of snow. Bring water as there’s none available in the area.

Manzanita Campground

A notably popular location, Manzanita campsites are one of the best fishing and camping destinations in the state. Weekends tend to be very busy, but you can always reserve a spot in advance if you wish. The least busy times are during fall and winter, and the campsites are open all year round.

Always make sure you get a location next to the creek so you can fish right outside of your tent. And yes, restrooms are available.

Bagley Flat Campgrounds

These camping spots are popular because of their location near the beautiful Saguaro Lake. You can only arrive here by boat. However, everything is well organized, with designated camping spots, grills, tables, and bathrooms.

You can visit at any point during the year, and you can fish, hike, take photos, and much more. However, remember to bring water as it’s not available on the site.

So there you have it, five best camping spots in the beautiful state of Arizona. We’ve made sure to find the best ones for each type of camper, but if you want to know more, feel free to contact us or visit Arizona Adventure Cooperative.


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