Best Solar Camping Gear: 5 Sunsational Powered Gadgets

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Thanks to modern technology, there are some really cool camping gadgets that are solar powered- clean and pure energy derived from the sun.  Solar panels can be placed almost anywhere and will harness 25% of the sun’s energy; the latest technology is pushing this number up to 45%.

Solar power was first invented in 1876 when William Grylls Adams along with Richard Day discovered when Selenium was exposed to light it produced electricity.

So now, you can stay clean, cook in camp, and remain safe all with energy harnessed from the sun. These gadgets are high tech yet low maintenance.


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Inflatable Solar Light


This Mpowerd Luci Original Inflatable Solar light has many features that make it a great addition to your camping adventures.  This light folds down into less than an inch tall and includes a strap making it easy to carry around.  Weighing approximately 4 ounces, it is light enough to even take backpacking.  With three different light settings, you can easily adjust to your preference. Turn the lantern on the lowest setting and you’ll enjoy up to 50 hours worth of camp light on a single charge


  • Extended charge. This lantern only needs the sun- no additional batteries needed. The solar panels are rechargeable and can last up to twelve hours after a seven-hour charge in the direct sunlight.
  • Affordable. You can purchase this solar-powered camping lantern for under $25
  • Lightweight. The MPOWERD solar lantern weighs less than half a pound. This makes it easy to store in small packs.
  • Great features. The lantern is waterproof and shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your kids breaking the light. With 10 powerful white LED’s, you can bask in the soft light of this solar-powered lantern, not harsh, fluorescent blue illumination.  Also, the strap included on the top of this lantern allows you to suspend it from the top of your tent or in your campsite to provide better lighting.



  • The low star ratings related to burning out quickly after a days charge, poor design and being broken right out of the box.




Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Summer Shower

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower (Renewed)

If you are camping for an extended amount of time in a campground that does not have showers, then this Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower will come in handy!  To work the way it was designed, this bag needs to be used in warm weather conditions.    This shower is made with 4 layers-including a solar panel, reflector panel, insulator panel, and a 5 gallon water reservoir.


  • Easy to Use:  Just fill it up with water and set in the sun.  Once the solar panels heat up the water, hang from a tree and shower away.
  • Large Reservoir:  Buy the 5 Gallon edition and you can take a 4-5 minute shower.  Plenty of time to clean off the dirt.
  • Quality Material:  Made of rugged ripstop fabric and is PVC free.


  • Needs to be sunny to heat the water
  • The Nozzle can leak
  • The flow is slow


Anker 21W Solar Charger

Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger, PowerPort Solar for iPhone 7 / 6s / Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2 / Mini, Galaxy S7 / S6 / Edge/Plus, Note 5/4, LG, Nexus, HTC and More

 This device is a game changer when it comes to solar chargers.  In 4-6 hours you can go from zero to full charge.  It is a powerful panel, lightweight and even works well in partially sunny conditions.


Quality Material:  Made with industrial strength PET polymer faced solar panels- polyester canvas cover.

Compact: (11.1 × 6.3in folded or 26.4× 11.1)  Has a trifold design- when it’s folded it ends up being the size of a thick magazine which can easily fit into a daypack.

 2 USB Ports:  Charges multiple devices- including iPhone 7/6s/Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2/Mini, Galaxy S7 and more.



  • Has known charging/circuitry issues
  • Needs direct sunlight (not good on those cloudy days)
  • Not compatible with all devices including IPod nano, iPod Classic/shuffle, HP TouchPad and Asus tablets.


RunningSnail Emergency Solar-Powered Radio


[Upgraded Version] RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank Self Powered AM/FM NOAA Solar Weather Radio with LED Flashlight, 1000mAh Power Bank for iPhone/Smart Phone

If you camp in areas that have limited cell phone service, then I highly suggest adding this Emergency Solar-Powered Radio to your supplies.  Use this device to find out about emergency/weather type of warnings or listen to a ball game as your falling asleep.  There are 3 handy ways to charge this device -so if you have a cloudy day it’s still going to work.


  • Dependable:  Comes with a battery and has 3 options- Charge with the solar panels, use the hand crank, or charge with a USB port.
  • Flashlight option:  Bright light provides 140 lumens of power.
  • Great for Emergencies:  The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) radio keeps you up to date with the latest weather and hazard information for your area. Also has a SOS signal that can be heard from far away.


  • Made with plastic so it could break easily
  • Takes a while to charge
  • One star ratings related to the material being cheap and the radio frequency not coming in that well.


Sunflair Mini Portable Solar-Powered Oven

Sunflair Mini Portable Solar Oven

This oven gives “cooked by the sun” new meaning.  This Mini Portable Solar Powered oven is considered among the lightest and easiest solar ovens on the market today.   You can set it up in seconds, and the convenient size folds down to the volume of a laptop making it easy to transport.  Solar panels are not used on this oven- instead a special material traps the heat from the sun and converts to a hot oven!


  • Cooks well:   This oven can get up to 285 degrees Fahrenheit- this is the approximate temperature a crock pot gets to.  You can slow cook meat or simmer soups.
  • Features:  Comes with a pot and trivet to keep your pots off the ground. Also, an oven safe thermometer is built into the interior which will tell you exactly how it is.
  • Safety:  Don’t have to worry about an open flame or causing a fire.
  • Company gives back:  Sunflair donates a portion of the proceeds towards providing a safer, and greener cooking experience for all.



  • A tad expensive (for what looks like tinfoil)



From cooking to staying clean, there is a solar powered gadget to meet every campers needs. These five solar powered devices are simple in design, easy to use, and better for the environment.

Have other solar powered gear that you would recommend?  Leave a comment below!


Happy Camping!

10 Responses

  1. Henderson

    You have some really interesting gadgets that I would like to get for myself next time I go camping.  I would especially like to purchase the solar lamp and radio. I like the fact that batteries are not required- and it’s better for the environment. I do not have any solar gadgets so I’m looking forward to using these.  Thanks for the review!

    • Misty

      Glad to hear that you are interested in using the solar lamp and radio- enjoy these in camp!

  2. Mikhail

    Thanks for your article!

    I suppose no product is perfect, so thanks for pointing out the flaws for all of these. 

    I personally find it fascinating how far technology has gone. However, I personally feel like if I were to go camping, it would be to enjoy the nature and the time away from cities as well as their technology. However, for those who want to have a piece of the city with them at all times, these products might be a good choice.

    • Misty

      Mikhail- I appreciate your view on technology and I can see where you are coming from.  The product like the solar oven is something that you would typically use anyway. On the other hand, I would not use the solar powered charger because the majority of time I don’t have service where I camp anyway. And- it is nice not worrying about texts, email, etc.  There are some who like to stay connected- I am an advocate for people getting outdoors. So if this is the only way they will, then I support it.  Thanks again for taking the time to comment.  

  3. JJ

    Things have really changed. When I was a child and we went on camping trips, everything was rustic and we didn’t expect to have the facilities of home. From this article, camping can be a comfortable experience. I love all the gadgets, but favourites are  the oven and the shower. I already have a solar light. I am now ready to check out others. Now we can can some modern day camping. Thank God for the sun.

    • Misty

      Yes indeed- some camping equipment has come a long way.  As I mentioned earlier in one of my comments, if there are some that will only go camping if they have these types of gadgets, then I’m all for it!   

  4. Shahlla Anjum

    The topic is interesting for campers and outdoor activity lovers. The products reviews are great. Website layout and content is very useful. Presentation of solar powered gadgets perfectly goes with the concept of green energy and conservation of our earth. The people who love to go for hiking can also benefit from the content offered and the products introduced on this website. I think it would be better if there is another option in addition to Amazon.

    • Misty

      Hello Shahlla- thank you for taking the time to comment.  I appreciate your thoughts on the layout and content.  I am working on getting additional partners aside from Amazon.  Thanks!

  5. Parveen

    Hello Misty, Thank you for writing on the Best Solar Camping Gear: 5 Sensational Powered Gadgets. I enjoyed while reading and find your collected gadgets are good for environment. I found you listed with details as well as pros and cons. It will make easy for the buyer to make a buyer decision. I will go with Running Snail Emergency Solar-Powered Radio. Thank you for your awesome guide. Keep this good work up.


    • Misty

      Thanks Parveen for your comments!  Enjoy your Running Snail Emergency Solar-Powered Radio.  

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