Cabin Fever? Not in the AZ State Parks

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Cabin at Roper Lake State ParkWant to get away on an outdoorsy type of vacation, but looking for more convenient accommodations?  The cabins at the Arizona State parks could be the solution and the inspiration you need to spend more time outdoors!

My family has stayed in the cabins at several of the AZ State Parks.  We have had a very enjoyable experience every single time. My kids love tent camping as well, but I know they liked just being able to play as soon as we arrived, rather than setting up camp.   I also had the comfort in knowing if there was a bad storm that we would still have a great time because we could play games in the cabin.

The cabins are convenient for families and those visiting from out of state who don’t bring tents, sleeping bags, and other camping gear.

Chances are that from wherever you are in the State, you won’t need to go far to stay at one of the cabins.

There are currently 32 cabins total in the five State Parks. These parks include Roper Lake, Dead Horse Ranch, Alamo Lake, Kartchner Caverns, and Lyman Lake.

With the heating and air conditioning system you can maintain the perfect temperature and the outlets let you stay plugged in if you want. As far as furniture goes, the bunk beds have clean and comfortable mattresses, tables and chairs provide for plenty of seating and space for your food and other items.  If you want to be really spoiled, head over to Kartchner Caverns Cabin for the microwaves and mini fridges.

Your stay will almost feel like you are in a Hotel, except there is no running water.  According to a State Parks representative, adding running water could potentially add too many problems.  There are nice, clean restroom/shower facilities located near the cabins, so I didn’t really see this as an issue.  Our host at Dead Horse Ranch had firewood available for purchase and even had extra footballs, etc. for the kids.

The program is going so well, that according to sources from the State Park, negotiations are under way to add as many as 100 cabins to about a dozen parks.

In my opinion, the cabins are just the vehicle to get people outdoors.  We did not spend our entire time in the cabin because there is so much to do in the State Parks.  Activities vary slightly based on the parks, but you can go hiking, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, and horseback riding just to name a few.

I strongly encourage you to check out the cabins at the AZ State Parks if you are shy about camping or just don’t have the gear.  These parks are impeccably well maintained and are preserved for us to experience the beauty and nature of Arizona.

The cost at $60-$89 per night is an excellent value for the experience you will have. To find out more or register, visit:

If you are looking for more camping opportunities, check out this article on year round camping in Arizona.

If you have experience camping in the cabins at the State Parks, we would love to hear what you think!  Please leave your questions or comments below.


Happy Camping!

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