Camp & Kayak Trip at Dead Horse State Park, Arizona

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This overnight camping trip with AOA was a great success! As the Co-Director for Arizona Outdoor Adventures, I get the privilege of taking youth on outdoor excursions. Our Non-Profit targets those kids who do not get opportunities to camp, hike, etc.

The groups of kids we took to Cottonwood for Camping and then kayaying with Clarkdale Kayak Co. were awesome. Our main program is to provide Camps in the White Mountains; we scheduled this camp locally so more youth could go.  AOA works mainly with youth organizations that are in the Phoenix area; sometimes it’s difficult for them to go much further than a couple of hours.

I posted some photos and added captions for our time at Dead Horse State Park.

This is my daughter and her friend setting up their tent.
My daughters friend helping to set up the tent. This one is easy to set up- you simply pop it up by sliding the pole until it locks into place.
So happy to be sleeping in their own tent. You can see the Creosote behind them. Not trees, but still pretty.
This is the girls tents- some of them have blankets as you can see. A good indication they do not often go camping. AOA provides the tents, meals, and activities for every camp.
This gives you a better idea of how our camp is arranged. This particular spot was not as secluded as you can see a town further back in the picture.
This is my Tent- plenty of room!
My Luggable Loo! Don’t leave for camping without it.
My daughter and her friend had to have a pic with the Loo Too.
My daughter and I – she was so happy with the camp. She told me that she didn’t even want to look at her phone.
Gathering around for a few to chit chat. This is one of the tables that are provided in the campground.
Camp fire time. We always have one in the evening and the morning for the kiddos. It was right around 40 degrees when I woke up.
These particular grounds had a nice flat spot to pitch the tent. Didn’t have to worry about moving rocks, etc.
Nice view of the fire.
Numerous trails for the kids to explore.
The sunsets at this park are absolutely amazing.
Story time- we played a game where each of us had to pick up the story. It is more challenging than you would think. I had a hard time with this!
This is what we had available to us for a fire at our campsite.
Coke machine available at the restrooms. I don’t drink soda- but for those who do, they don’t have to go without.
This was the loop we camped in. There were so many people here this weekend.
We ended up our trip with kayaking down the Verde River- what a blast!
Listen up! These guides were so patient and knowledgeable with the kids. There were some that had never been kayaking before and were a bit scared.


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