Camping Themed Gift Basket Ideas – Top 5

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These types of articles are by far some of my favorite to write.  Knowing my suggestions could lead someone to put together a basket for a loved one that gets them outdoors. What is better than that!!  These camping themed gift basket ideas will give you plenty of inspiration.    I have spent the time researching and compiling the best ideas so you don’t have to.

To give the perfect camping themed gift basket requires a number of details- these include choosing the ideal container, buying unique and fun camping items, and then assembling into a pretty package.


{Disclosure- This article contains affiliate links. I make a small commission from the items purchased from Etsy or Amazon. This helps me to keep AZ Camping Experience up and running; your purchases through Amazon or Etsy are greatly appreciated}



With the containers, you can get super creative. There are so many different ones that you can use.

These include:

  • Coolers– I like the idea of a cooler like this one from Etsy since the gift recipient will also be able to still use the container as well.  It’s a very practical way to present your basket.


  • Tent- I thought this was so ingenuous. This may be a little over the top for a “camping themed gift basket”, but if you have someone in mind that needs a lot of camping gear, then this would be awesome.  This would even be perfect for a silent auction basket.

  • BBQ Grill – This is perfect for the camper in your life who loves to BBQ!

  • Picnic Basket – Who doesn’t like to go on a picnic while they are camping?


  • Rubbermaid Tote -This is what I use for the majority of my camping gear-including my clothes. They are so handy and useful- they keep items dry and organized.
  • Backpack– Fill this with gear and essentials for your Hiking friends and family.
  • Personalized LED Bucket I saw this on Etsy and knew I had to include it for a container.  How cute is this!



Comfy Cozy Camper aka The Glamper

Do you have a Diva in your life that wants to go camping- but still enjoy the comforts of home?  Perhaps you could wrap these goodies below into a luxurious sleeping bag or a Briggs & Riley Duffel Bag?

Here are some ideas that would be perfect for your Glamper:

Merino Wool Socks, Blanket, Teas/Hot Chocolate, Chocolate based Trail Mix, Camping Pillow (Cute Décor), French Press, Mirror, and Passes to the National & State Parks.

If you want to save time- and purchase a basket that has already been made -this glamping gift basket from, is just adorable, as well as this glamping camper basket from Etsy.



The Hungry Camper

This is for the foodie in your life.  For this “basket” place the items in a nice, quality mixing bowl, Dutch Oven, or a cooler.  You can include metal bowls, plates, utensils- or even add paper or plastic eating ware.  They’ll also need a variety of cooking utensils like long handled spoons and tongs.  If they like to roast hot dogs, and/or marshmallows you can add long metal skewers in the basket as well.


If the gift recipient is going camping shortly after you give them the gift, you can also include crackers, nuts, canned drinks, high energy bars, and trail mix.  Here is a fantastic recipe for homemade trail mix.

The Camping Essentials

This basket would make an excellent gift for the camper that is just getting started. Give them a gift basket filled will the basics.  In this basket, you can Include flashlights,  extra batteries, sunscreen, bug repellent, matches, utility knife, blankets/sleeping bag, pillow, chairs, and a couple of water bottles.  If your budget allows, this would be a great one to buy a tent for- and then place all of the items in it.


The Camp Champion

For the camper that has all of the necessities, you could fill a basket with fun leisurely items & games they can use while they are in the camp.  

Some ideas include board games, cards, or even dominoes. If they are really active, you can add a badminton set that you can buy at Walmart.  Our AOA campers brought this along on their last outing and had a blast playing it!



For the avid reader, you can include some books as well. Finally, for the camping love birds,  buy the stemless wine tumblers and a bottle of wine and/or a bottle of their favorite Whiskey.

The Survivalist

For this camping themed basket what you place inside could depend on what type of camping they like to do.   Here are some ideas that should appeal to most campers regardless.  There is some overlap between this list and the essentials- because there is gear that is essential and could save someone’s life!

This would be a perfect one to place the items in a backpack- flashlights, battery operated lanterns, headlamp, stuff sacks (in a variety of sizes), tent repair kits, first aid kit, Swiss Army Knife, compass, bungee cords, tarps, sporks, collapsible water jugs, mini salt/pepper shakers, beef jerkey, two oz. Nalgene type bottles for soap, etc), insect repellant ,and  carabiners/S-Biners.

In Conclusion

These are camping themed gift basket ideas that anyone should love that is on your list. You can have so much fun putting these together and then enjoy your thoughtfulness even more when you see the look on their face!

Do you have other ideas that you would like included?  Please  feel free to leave a comment below!



42 Responses

  1. Feochadan

    What a stunning variety of gift baskets you have come up with here for campers!  I would have thought of the cooler and then stopped about there.  You have provided a bundle of inspiration both for the “gift basket” as well as what to put in it.  I think my favourite gift basket idea is the cast iron dutch oven.  SO versatile and perfect for the camp fire!

    The little tent is SO cute and I’ve also seen similar ones in home improvement shows in children’s rooms as a little private play spot for the kids.  This would definitely be double purpose and a great idea for someone with small kids.

    You have a GREAT imagination!  Thank you so much for sharing all of this inspiration with your readers!

    • Misty

      Your feedback is greatly appreciated!  I absolutely love food from the Dutch Oven- so this was a must that I included this in the gift ideas.  Thank you for the idea on providing the tent for the smaller campers.  It is fun for them to have their own tent in camp.  My kids are always making forts!  lol

  2. Harry

    So very unique camping gift baskets ideas in here… I was actually going to surprise my girlfriend with a nice camping trip outside of the city next weekend and now I am going to make it even better for her!

    I fell in love with this Glamping Camper Basket and I know that my girlfriend is going to love it as well as I am going to get it 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

    • Misty

      Hi Harry- this is so sweet of you to get your girlfriend the Glamping Camper Basket- I’m sure she’ll love it.

  3. Nuttanee

    This is a perfect gift idea for my camping enthusiast friends or even for my husband. Not sure why but the guys in my family loves camping, bbq and fishing. I myself enjoy staying in the cabin and enjoy eating the bbq not cooking it. I love the picnic basket, it is a nice sentimental touch that we do not have to dine in the restaurants only, no waiter will rush us out to turn the table and it is very romantic 🙂 The Dutch Oven is really practical for cooking at the campsite as well. Thanks for all these amazing ideas.

    • Misty

      Hello- thanks for taking the time to give feedback.  It is fun to stay in a cabin as well- I’ve done this many times.  The picnic can definitely be romantic- since it’s not rushed and you can take it to a lake, the beach, or even the mountains.  

  4. Rina

    What a cool idea for gifts! To me there is a gift for every member in the family. Great xmas holiday ideas since xmas is duriing our summer holidays so I think I will go ahead and order these for xmas coming. The plan is that the family will be away camping next to lake Taupo in Aotearoa from 23rd December to after new years, so that’s me and my xmas gift shopping done! Thanks for sharing!

    • Misty

      Thanks Rina for your response- I’m glad to hear that you like these ideas!  I hope your family has a great time on their camping trip.

  5. Riaz Shah

    That LED bucket looks sweet! I guess I’m a bit old school because I love campfires while my friends are too city-born to enjoy outdoors but what I wouldn’t do to relive my childhood and do one last campfire with my friends and family! I was wondering though, how long do you think the LED light will last? 😀

    • Misty

      The bucket looks fun, right!  LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours!  That’s a lot of camping time.  

  6. RoDarrick

    Wow! Excellent article you have written up here and it contains some nice ideas concerning the kind of  gifts that could be given out to campers.The only person that has this much excitement in his life is my cousin and I think he is more of a survivalist according to the categorization. He might actually be surprised when I show up with this gift to him. Great post

    • Misty

      Thanks for your kind words regarding the post- I thought the picture of Rambo added a nice touch to the Survivalist basket.  🙂

  7. H. Tracy

    Me and my family really enjoy going camping and we often take a weekend in each summer month to go to a new place. I think camping is so pleasant because it’s relaxing and it doesn’t require a lot of money, so you can save it for the future. Actually, your list of gift baskets is so excellent because it contains items that are quite affordable and useful on the long term. For instance, I would really need a picnic basket because every time we’re having lunch while camping, I have to go back and forth to the car to bring all the necessary stuff. So I will have my husband buy me this as a birthday gift, so we will all be able to use it!

    • Misty

      Hello Tracy, I appreciate your response.  I’m glad to hear you think the picnic basket is a good idea.  It is very enjoyable to have a picnic in nature- time slows down and one can truly enjoy the experience!

  8. Dan

    Thanks a lot for this list. As a big camping lover, the thing I need next is a BBQ grill. I always borrow my neighbor’s tool whenever I go camping with friends or family, so this year I’m planning to get one of my own (maybe I’ll get it as a gift for my birthday, though). I also liked the Hungry Camper, I think it’s so interesting and at the same time useful (for those of us who go camping especially for food). I’m definitely adding these 2 items on my wishlist!

    • Misty

      Hi Dan- thanks for taking the time to reply.  I am so glad to hear that you like the idea of a BBQ Grill.  Enjoy!

  9. Henderson

    That little tent idea filled up with the camping gears is the  most fascinating idea on this list, I personally would have never thought of it. I’m so sorry I don’t have ideas, I cane here to hunt for some good ideas because I  want to gift a friend whom we’re going on camping together a good basket. Thank you so much for the idea. It is really creative.

    • Misty

      Now you do have ideas- so no problem!  Glad to hear you like the Tent Basket.  Have a great time when you do go camping!

  10. Taetske

    Good afternoon Misty,

    What a lovely idea to give a camping themed gift basket and surprise your friends or family. I bet that will make them go on camping weekend soon so they have a good excuse to eat the goodies. I suppose you told them it is strictly forbidden to eat this at home, right?

    Super to use a cooler instead of a basket as a cooler is such a handy and also needed item when going outdoors. The tent is nice and so is the BBQ but that would make it quite a bit more pricey. It will depend on if this a special or very special occasion you give this present for.

    Your other suggestions are really good making it very personal. A good book or some nice games will be very appreciated by the receiver of this nice camping gift basket.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Misty

      Thanks for your feedback!  The tent basket definitely is more pricey-  great for someone who is just getting started and who needs more gear. I think the best part of giving these baskets as gifts is the fact that they can be personalized so much.  Even many of the items can be monogrammed, or have stickers with personal sayings on them, etc.  These can be a gift that someone will always remember! 

  11. HighLife101

    Great post about camping-themed baskets, with so many awesome gift ideas.  I live in the mountains of Colorado, where everybody camps and hikes so these gifts would be PERFECT for so many of my friends and family. I love the tent themed basket which I think would be such a cute idea for a wedding gift for my two friends who are getting married this fall and they are both huge outdoor enthusiasts.  I am bookmarking this page because you have so many fun, unique ideas for so many different types of people.  Thank you so much for these brilliant ideas.

    • Misty

      I’ve never been to Colorado, but it’s definitely on my bucket list. I love how active people are in this State!  Thanks for bookmarking my site- I appreciate your support.  🙂

  12. Nicki V

    What a neat idea.  I’ve seen lots of baskets with food or candles and such, but never one for camping.  I really like the idea of using a little cooler as the basket.  I think that something like this would be a great Christmas gift if your family does secret Santa or gift swaps. I love it.   I know a lot of people wit cottages and I’m going to use a similar idea for their gifts.  Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Misty

      Hi Nicki, you are very welcome and thanks for emphasizing the fact that these can be given at any time of the year.   There are people who go camping during the winter- throw in some snow shoes and your good to go!  🙂

  13. jessetoikkanen

    What a nice variety of camping basket you are offering for campers! As a guy who lives basically the middle of nowhere, forest all around, I have always had sort of good setup of camping equipment ready-to-go but I haven’t seen that personalized led bucket earlier and going to take a look for it. Also, those baskets look great idea as a gift for any family member. Great post, I would say 🙂

    • Misty

      Okay- I’m jealous.  🙂    Awesome that you live in the forest!   With my position I am in the woods a lot- but I do still live in town.  Glad to hear that you like the personalized led bucket- I thought it would be a fun way to present a gift basket. 

  14. Krista

    Dear Misty: This article was very fun to read and delightful.  I like that you tell people where to go to shop for these baskets. I would like to see maybe a fishing basket, since alot of people like to go fishing and camping.  This is all-together website.  I never would have thought of container gift baskets.  What a great idea.  Best, Krista

    • Misty

      Hi Krista,   Great idea on adding a fishing basket!  A tackle box would be a fun container for this one.  

  15. Boniface-AndroidBix

    Hi Misty,

    Great article right there! I didn’t know camping themed baskets came in such a wide variety of styles! And they are all very cute- so hard to settle for one and leave the other, especially for people with different outdoor liking. 

    We recently had a team building (end of July) and we had prepared for all things- except proper baskets for holding snacks. Now I have ideas should a future event come up. 

    And thanks for bringing in a flood of memories with that S. Stallone photo. First Blood 2? Can’t recall properly.



    • Misty

      Thank you- glad you enjoyed the ideas for the baskets!  If you brought some of these baskets in for a team building, I’m sure it would be a huge hit.  Oh- and I’m not sure what movie that Stallone pic is from.  Anyone know?  🙂

  16. Mariam

    Interesting read!

    Really creative ideas you have got there Misty. When i got to the survivalist, i wondered the categories of gift items that would go in there and seeing Rambo, i was thinking a bow and arrow sorts of things. But the list you got there is pretty reasonable and would be super useful for  great camping experience generally.

    Excellent choice of gift packs!

    • Misty

      Hi Mariam- yes, I can see how the term survivalist would conjure up images of a bow and arrow.  That would be for your really hard core campers- or a hermit.  🙂

  17. Robert Trevor

    These specialized camping gift baskets, for the camping enthusiast,make great presents,and are so varied,really great.

    The cooler container is a good idea, stuffed with all kinds of necessities,and all packed in a bucket,        I liked the picnic basket,packed with a bottle of wine,and glasses,fruit and other goodies, and all the utensils, great for the camper.

    The glamper really gets down to business,in a luxury sleeping bag,containing,pillow,blanket,woolen socks,hot chocolate,trail mix,mirror, and really great,, passes to national and state parks.

    The camping essentials basket,is a great idea for someone starting out, with all the basics for a beginner,sleeping bag, pillow, chairs,water bottles,flashlight, bug repellent,and for the generous giver a good tent, (with a gas lamp,and matches,would be nice).

  18. Twack Romero

    Fortune favours the intrepid internet searcher, me. A birthday and a trip away are on the horizon for one of my sons, so this has given me some much needed inspiration for a ‘double-up’ present. My eldest is into his cars, last year he went with one of his brothers to a three day event. They took themselves and a few dozen cans of beer, enough preparation they thought, spending the time living out of the car. Well, as you can imagine, they came back ‘worse for wear’. This time I think a ‘Gift Package a la Camping’ might not go a miss. Energy bars/drinks and snacks will help keep their ‘levels’ up and why not throw in a BBQ, maybe a disposable one or two. Bottles of water for the inevitable ‘dry mouth and dehydration’, that will appear in the morning. I would add in some personal hygiene items but who am I kidding. You’re article has given me some wonderful ideas, thank you.

    • Misty

      Wow- the first line of your comment sounds like poetry!  I love it.  🙂      You gave me a great idea though; I should add a “Campers Hangover Basket”.   LOL

  19. Gaurav Gaur

    Hi, Misty.
    Thanks for your exclusive article on Top Five camping based basket gift ideas.
    The collection was super cool.
    I liked the tent-shaped basket a lot as it can accommodate a lot of small items. The picnic basket is really cute with small glasses and the long-necked bottle. This gift is going to bring that naughty smile on the face of my friend.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Misty

      Hi Gaurav~  Sounds like the picnic basket will be the perfect gift for your friend.  🙂   

  20. Stella

    Am seeing many useful basket gift items idea I so much love inside this review. If I  know of anyone that goes camping, I will prefer getting him/her a gift basket that contains blanket, pillow, shocks,tea/coffee together with another set that is for hungry camper. Getting all these for my camper means that person mean so much to me. My kid brother is an adventurists and I would love to surprise him on his next camping trip.

    • Misty

      Hi Stella- I’m glad this article gave you some more ideas.  If you do surprise your brother, I’m sure he’ll be very happy with the gift!

  21. C

    Thank you very much for these camping gift basket ideas. I like the idea of using a cooler, a tent or a grill as the actual container for the gift basket. I would definitely want to stock them up with good quality insect repellent. That is one of the first things I think I was when I think of the outdoors. I think you gave a lot of great options for people to go camping whether they are beginners or they already have all the basics and you just want to add some bonus things. I will definitely keep this page for future reference when deciding on gifts.

    • Misty

      Oh my- how could I forget about insect repellent!  This is definitely a great fit in many of the baskets.  I make my own with essential oils too- much better than the stuff that uses Deet.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  

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