How to Take Great Shots with your 50mm Lens

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In my opinion, many people underestimate how much fun and useful the 50mm prime lens really is.   Sure, it’s a  “fixed” lens which means you have to employ the walking zoom, but it is one of my favorite lens because it’s so versatile. I think learning the functionality of this lens is a must for those who are just starting out.

I took my lens with me today to Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction, AZ. I combined my hike with my photography and it never came off my camera. I also love the fact that it’s lightweight compared to some of my other lenses as well.


Why Choose the 50mm

With this  prime lens, you have to work harder for your shots.  Since there is not a zoom feature, you must take steps closer in or steps further back.  By doing this though, it helps you to think about framing your shots more. These techniques can then be applied to any camera/lens combination.

The 50mm lens has wide apertures and moderately-wide angle of view. They are very versatile and they closely match how humans see. This is a lens that many newbies buy so they can take portraits with a shallow depth of field.


Creative Techniques

I have included some of the images I took today to provide you with inspiration next time you go shoot with your 50mm lens.  I was able to take close ups as well as landscape- you’ll notice the blurred background on the close ups which is very easy to do on a 50mm lens.

Get Close

Rule of Thirds

Isolate Your Subject



So you can see from these shots above how varied your images can be using a 50mm lens. It forces you to get out of comfort zone and get creative!


If you have never used a 50mm, I definitely suggest getting one! The less expensive ones start at a range around $130.  The 50mm is actually one of the most popular photographic prime lens focal length, so there are many used lenses available.  Whatever one you get, it will be fast and sharp. I have a Canon 50mm lens which is the one I used for the shots in the Blog.


Have other thoughts or questions on this lens?  Please leave me a comment below.

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