Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot – Review of an Innovative Tent Design

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The Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot features an innovative and forward-thinking design. It was initially known as the CTC Standard. However, the design team at Kamp-Rite has now created an even more convenient and compact tent. The Kamp Rite Tent Cot is a streamlined tent with useful features that are perfect for two people.


This tent is an impressive 10 inches high and exclusively comes in a natural forest green color. Just the wholesome color of this tent evokes images of time spent out in the fresh air in the heart of Mother Nature. Once you check out the Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot, you’ll be ready to start planning your next trip!


Waterproof and Compact


What makes this tent stand out from the original model is it’s brand new compact design. The entire tent folds down to just 43 x 9x 9 inches. This means that the Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot is simple and convenient to travel with. It can easily fit in the back of the car and is also simple to store at home. Keep in mind that the support frame is a significant part of the weight and also the most essential feature.


There is a waterproof rainfly that can be used to combat any inclement weather. By just adding the rainfly over the top of the tent the occupants will be wholly protected from any significant rainfall. As far as weatherproofing goes, this tent is on top of it! As anyone who knows a little bit about camping in the great outdoors this is an essential feature.

A Tent you Can Count On


There are two polyester-mesh entry doors on both sides of the tent. The doors have a high-quality and corrosion-resistant zipper that is quick and simple to use.


The design of these doors is perfect for easy entry and exit from the tent. The two doors make it a comfortable space for two people to share.


Additionally, it also helps promote a refreshing wind flow if the weather is warm. The tent is made with heavy-duty fabric (190T) and taped seams that provide a superior amount of protection. The Kamp Rite team has created a tent that is reliable and trustworthy. It’s something that you can depend on when you’re out in the wilderness.



Excellent Storage


There is also a convenient storage section that is underneath the tent. These mesh hammocks are a great spot to store shoes, jackets, or even food. It’s a useful storage space because it’s high from the ground. This means the weather won’t ruin the items, and they won’t end up with little critters crawling into them. Just like the rest of the tent, this external storage solution is made with high-quality materials and is built to last!


On top of this, there are also internal wall-pockets that are good for storing things such as water, glasses, or a flashlight. These interior pockets are designed for anything that you want to have close at hand while you’re out camping. As you can see when it comes to compact double tents that are convenient and easy-to-use, this Kamp-Rite is unmatched.




The tent also comes with a 600 D roller wheeled bag that features a convenient zip and comfortable padded handle. In this bag, the user can carry the entire tent. Additionally, there is a smaller pouch that is perfect for extra bits such as the tent top and rods. As already mentioned, the people at Kamp-Rite have created a tent that is easy to carry and travel with. This feature alone makes the Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot a leader in the camping industry.


These are relatively small features, however as any regular camper will know these are the kind of attributes that make a huge difference. It’s quite apparent that the design team at Kamp-Rite know a thing or two about camping!





The Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot is unparalleled to other mainstream tent models when it comes to comfort, ease of use, and pioneering design. One feature that makes this tent stand out is its versatility and flexibility. This compact double cot can either be used as a sleeping shelter or as a comfortable traditional tent for two people. Whether you need a tent, cot, or shelter, this tent can do it all!


It only takes approximately 15 minutes to set up, including the rain-fly. So for campers who want to get out in the great outdoors with a limited amount of fuss, this is a great option. Because of the elevated design of this tent, it’s weatherproof, and it’s easier to keep warm! The frame is collapsible and folds down to a nice compact size. This is important, not only for traveling but also for storage at home.


Protection from the Weather


Most users of this tent recommend using yoga mats or mattresses on the ground for extra insulation. However, even without these additional measures, the tent is well known for protecting the occupants well from poor weather. This is because the sleepers are lifted above from ground, the doors seal compactly, and the rainfly is made of high-quality and heavy-duty material.


This new tent from Kamp-Rite has been a huge success, and the good reviews keep rolling in! The positive reviews are mostly focused on the durability and simple set-up of the tent. The fact that there is an optional frame to keep the main body off the ground is excellent for keeping the tent clean and warm. This elevated frame also helps keep the setting up easy on rough terrains. It also provides extra protection against insects and pests. Once again, Kamp-Rite has been targeting a diverse range of problems when it comes to camping by offering forward-thinking design solutions in this first-rate tent.


kamp rite tent cot


To learn more about the Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot click here.


Also, make sure to read plenty of reviews, tutorial videos, and production descriptions about this tent. This is the best way to learn if this tent is the best suited for your lifestyle and needs!

For ideas on where to take your Kamp Rite Double Tent Cot, check out  article on hot spots in Sedona and the Arizona State Parks.


For questions, comments, or experience with this tent, please leave your comments below!


Happy Camping!


14 Responses

  1. Shannon

    Thank you for bringing this tent to my attention! It has been a while since I’ve been in the market to purchase a tent; There is so many designs to choose from these days. I was not aware of models that lift the occupants off the ground! I love it and the quick set up it features is perfect for us since we tend to spontaneously decide to just hop in the truck and camp for the weekend. Thanks again!

    • Misty

      Hi Shannon- thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.  Glad I was able to introduce you to a new type of tent!

  2. Nuttanee

    This Kamp Rite Double Cot is a game changer. Now, my husband and I can finally go camping without having to worry about the weather anymore, or even have to set up the tarp for our tent. I love the compact and durability part of the tent and the price is very reasonable as well for its functionality. Will check out more reviews and might get it. Thanks!

    • Misty

      It is nice being able to set up this tent without needing to put a tarp down.  As far as the bottom compartment for your shoes- I would still turn them face down to limit bugs from getting inside of them.  With a regular tent, I place my shoes inside so scorpions don’t crawl in at night.  Hopefully- you don’t have a huge bug problem where you live.

  3. Henry

    Hi! I really like the portability of this tent. I also appreciate the internal wall-pockets for storing glasses, flash lights and many other things we usually need when camping. These seem small features, but in my book, they are game changers.

    Storage under the tent also seems to me a great idea. Thank you very much for this useful post.

    • Misty

      Hi Henry-  I agree with you on the storage compartments.  Nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of the night trying to find something. This extra storage keeps everything well organized.


    A well researched review of a really  great innovative product – my first time to see such kind of tent that features what I’ve been looking for in a tent,  its flexibility and versatility for all seasons especially its elevation which is perfect for rain and floods during rainy season. It also promotes privacy to couples who always prefer to sleep separately with their kids during camping. Thus, this review has given me a brilliant gift idea for my wife this fast approaching Mother’s Day celebration. Thanks a lot!

    • Misty

      Hi Julius-  What a great idea to give as a Mothers Day Present!  I hope your wife is happy with this gift.  🙂

  5. Lindsey

    This looks like an interesting test. I love camping, but do not own my own tent. Im mainly worried about the setup and take down hassle. This sounds pretty easy to assemble though. The way it sits above the ground is interesting. What is the bottom of the tent like? Because it sits off the ground does it sag? This definitely looks like something I would look into.

    • Misty

      Hi Lindsey- the construction is made to be stable and durable.  You will still need some type of mat or padding to be more comfortable.  From my understanding, the tent does not sag.  Some have indicated that the bar can be felt on the double Tent- since it does run down the middle.

  6. Pentrental

    Great review here! Looks like a nice product this tent cot. I like how it’s so high off the ground to keep more of the creepy crawlers out, and snakes too. I really like the fact that it folds down so tightly, really makes traveling easier. Reliability and trustworthiness are two things that I rely on when making a purchase. I have bookmarked your page and will be referring back to it when it’s time to make my next tent purchase!

    • Misty

      Hi- thanks for taking the time to comment.  Happy to hear that you are thinking about this tent for your next tent purchase.  🙂

  7. Sherry

    Great review on the kamp rite tent. Camping season is in full swing! As someone who has pain conditions, camping can be..well, uncomfortable. Since getting my pain more controlled I would love to camp again. I love the idea of this tent! It has a lot of great features. How would you rate it on comfort? 

    • Misty

      Overall, this tent is way more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. I stay warmer sleeping in this cot tent as well.  One negative factor is the bar in the middle though. If you or someone else that is staying in the tent rolls around a lot you may want to get a pretty thick sleeping pad. 

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