More S’mores Please

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There is no actual proof of this..but I believe that the word S’mores originated from the two words- some more.  When you have your mouth full and want more- it comes out S’more.  Ever since 1972, when the recipe for S’mores came out in the Girl Scout Handbook, they have been a campfire tradition.  This concept wasn’t completely original however- Moon Pies were introduced in 1917 and Mallomars were on the shelves as early as 1913.

Did you know that marshmallows have a long history?  The Egyptians were known to squeeze the sap from the mallow plant that grew in the wild marshes and then they would squeeze honey for flavor.

Eventually- the natural mallow was replaced by gelatin and modified cornstarch (mmm, yummy).   It was in 1948, a manufacturer of marshmallows-Alex Doumark came up with the idea of pushing the substance through a pipe and then cutting it into the shapes were used to today.  Some years later, another manufacture had the idea of filling it with air, giving it the light fluffy texture.

At this last camp, the kids had square marshmallows that were easier to assemble once they roasted them in the fire.  Heck- there are even official S’mores makers out there now.  It is estimated that 90 million pounds of marshmallows are eaten every single year.

I know some of my friends do not like making S’mores for their kids. I don’t mind at all- it’s fun to see how excited the kids get when they eat these.

Here are some more fun facts:

-August 10th is National S’mores Day (celebrated in the US)

-Larges S’more weighed in at 1600 pounds!

-In 2004, Hershey’s spent $30 million on advertising to introduce S’Mores Candy Bar

-Most common alternative ingredients for the sandwich part: chocolate chip cookie, half a rice krispy treat, mini croissants, brownies, rice cakes, and apple slices

-Most common alternative ingredients for the inside:  colored mini-marshmallows, peanut butter, Nutella, jelly beans, and crushed Reese’s Pieces.


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