Preparing For Dead Horse State Park – Camp & Kayak Trip

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I am getting excited- I am five days away from camping at Dead Horse State Park in AZ. I realize the name sounds a little bit funny- but here the story of how it got it’s name.  Don’t let the name fool you though- it is a beautiful State Park that has trails for hiking&  bird watching, lakes for fishing, and yes, as you would guess Horse Back Riding. 

This camp is through my Non Profit; We work with various youth organizations to provide outdoor recreation for kids that never get to do these types of activities.   In our last camp, I had a conversation with a little girl that was about 12.  She said she loved these trips because otherwise she would never get to go camping. She lives with her Grandmother who has mobility issues and cannot take her to do these types of activities.

I feel extremely blessed to be in this position where I can impact the lives of so many children.  I will be writing about the camps as often as I can on this site.  The more I can spread the importance of children being outside the better.

I will be taking photos and getting video of Dead Horse while I’m there.  In addition to camping, we will be Kayaking on the Verde River as well. We are taking approximately 12 kids!   I am bringing my daughter and her friend on this trip as well.  She loves the fact that she gets to go with me on these trips. Many of my daughter’s friends rarely do outdoor activities.

So- please stay posted on the outcome of this Dead Horse State Park Camping & Kayaking Trip.

Happy Camping!



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