Sedona Arizona Camping Sites – Retreats, Tents, & RV’s.

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Sedona has been touted as “The most beautiful place on earth” by USA today. There are an estimated 3 million people a year that visit Sedona. I am so fortunate to live only a few hours away from this amazing red rock oasis.   There are numerous  Sedona Arizona Camping Sites for you to enjoy; here are 5 amazing places to Camp in Sedona.

Camp Avalon – Peaceful Retreat

Want a place to meditate and reflect on life among the towering red rocks of Sedona, AZ?  For over 25 years,  Camp Avalon has been providing  spiritual retreats on their private campground situated along the banks of Oak Creek.

Camp Avalon has been the destination for pilgrimages with people coming from around the world to connect with the Sedona earth and energy as well as being the host to community events and Church gatherings.

Whether you want to get away for a day or a week to renew your spirit- this Sedona Arizona Camping Site is a place where you will find solitude and secluson, yet only be 10 minutes away from West Sedona.

During your stay, you’ll have the chance to connect with friends and family, meet extraordinary people and engage in activities that open doors of endless opportunities. Whether you want to meditate, practice yoga, or go hiking, the Camp Avalon staff provides assistance and guidance in helping you have a positive growth experience.

Camp Avalon accepts campers with hammocks, tents, and vehicles up to 36 feet (including RV’s).  There are not as many amenities for RV users so be sure to check out their website ahead of time: or call:  1-888-203-5538.

Note: This campground has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Trip Advisor- with 84% being excellent and 16% as terrible.


Up Oak Creek with w/out a Hotel – Tent Campsites

Nestled among the banks of Oak Creek Canyon, there are four main camping sites. These include: Manzanita, Bootlegger, Pine Flats and Cave Springs.  Some of these campgrounds are on a first come first serve basis while others you will need reservations for.  During the busy season, you will need to get there early because spaces fill quickly.

The best weather you will have for camping is late spring through September.  Even though it’s AZ, the winter months can be cold with even occasional snow.

At all these Sedona Arizona Campsites, there are restroom facilities, grills, fire pits, and picnic tables.  You can only tent camp or sleep in a small vehicle a these locations.  RV’s, motor homes and trailers are not allowed. You will also have access to drinking water at all of these campsites with the exception of Bootlegger.  Here are a few additional details on each one:


This campsite is fairly small, but is a breathaking and beautiful. Activities at this campsite include:  swimming, fishing, and hiking.  At the south end of the campsite is the AB Young Trail Head if you want to hike among the lush vegetiation and towering trees.

There are 10 camping sites and you cannot make reservations so you need to get there earlier in the week to claim your spot; this is especially true during the summer months. This campsite is open all year, but the best time to camp is spring through mid-September.  There is a picnic use area that is available for use from 10am to 1 pm.


  • 10 single use camp sites- each one is limited to 8 campers per site.
  • Picnic table
  • fire rings
  • cooking grills
  • Vault toilets
  • There is a camp host so they will come in handy if you need firewood.


Reservations-First come, first serve basis

Camping Fees –$18 per night and $7 for a second vehicle.  The following passes will receive 50% off for overnight camping: Golden Age, Golden Access, America-the-Beautiful Senior, or America-the-Beautiful Access.

Directions –Bootlegger is easy to get to- Go North on HW 89A from Sedona approximately 6 miles.  This campsite is located n the West site of US 89a in Oak Creek Canyon.


This site is the largest campground and among the most popular one in Oak Creek.  Cave Springs is an excellent choice for those families with small children.  The creek runs right next to the campground and is stocked with trout.  You have the option of hiking, fishing, or just taking it easy under the canopy of Ponderosa Pine trees.  South of the campground is the famous “Slide Rock State Park” with numerous swimming holes for your family to have fun and frolick in.

Cave Springs Campground can get extremely crowded during spring and summer- especially during the major holidays. Make reservations way ahead of time for those sites that can be reserved and then get there early for the others if you need more.


  • 82 camping sites
  • fire pits
  • grills
  • picnic tables
  • coin-operated showers.
  • Firewood from the host at the site.


Reservations –11 campsites can be reserved-71 are on a first come first serve basis

Season and Fees –This campground is open generally from late March through the middle of October.  The cost is $18 per night up to 8 people per camp site.  A group of more than 8 campers will require another campsite.  For day use, the campground is open from 10 am to 1 pm for $7.

Directions and access –This campsite is located approximately 12 miles North of Sedona and 16 miles from Flagstaff on HW 89A through Oak Creek Canyon. Cave Springs is on the west side of 89A.


This another campground that gets a lot of campers along Oak Creek.  Being close to Slide Rock, there are plenty of activities to do here such as hiking, trout fishing, swimming, and cliff jumping.


  • The 18 single camp sites -Each site is limited to 8 Campers.
  • *Fire rings, cooking grills, drinking water and vault toilets.
  • *Camp host for firewood


Reservations- Reservations must be made for the best sites.  The others are on a first come, first serve basis.

Camping Fees –$18 per night, $7 for an additional vehicle. The following passes will receive 50% off for overnight camping: Golden Age, Golden Access, America-the-Beautiful Senior, or America-the-Beautiful Access.

Directions –On HW 89A, go north approximately 6 miles North of Sedona.


This campsite is also situated along the banks of Oak Creek, making this one popular as well.  Like the other camps, you have the option of hiking, fishing, birding or just taking it easy under the cool shade of the trees.  If you prefer to go swimming, then Slide Rock State Park is nearby as well.


  • 56 Sites- 18 can be reserved
  • Tent and RV Sites available
  • Picnic tables, cooking grills, fire pits, and vault toilets

Camping Fees –$20 per night- and $7 per second vehicle.. The following passes will receive 50% off for overnight camping: Golden Age, Golden Access, America-the-Beautiful Senior, or America-the-Beautiful Access.

Directions –Pine Flat is approximately 12 miles North of Sedona on HW 89A.  You will see this campsite on the West side of 89A.

Conclusion on all these sitesReservations can be made by calling: 877-444-6777.   You have 24 hours to “occupy” the camp from the time you reserved or be ready to give up  the spot.  Remember your confirmation letter because you will need to show it to the Camp Host.

Additional Contact Information:

  • Red Rock Ranger District
  • P.O. Box 300
  • Sedona, AZ  86339
  • 928-282-4119

Rancho Sedona RV Park

Want to enjoy the beauty of AZ in the comfort of your RV?  Then you will love your stay at the tranquil Rancho Sedona.  This Sedona campsite for RV’s is along Oak Creek, and is also within walking distance to shops, galleries, and restaurants.   This is a well maintained and clean RV park that is shaded by large Sycamore and Cottonwood Trees.


  • 71 Spacious Sites
  • Laundry/Shower
  • Fielded areas
  • Free Wi-Fi/ Digital Cable TV

Activities/Local Attractions:

  • Swimming in the creek
  • Golfing
  • Hot Air Ballooning

Location:  135 Bear Wallow Lane, Sedona, AZ  86336

To find out more or book a reservation visit:

Lo Lo Mai – Outdoor Resort

In my opinion, this Campsite is a hidden gem in the Verde Valley.  They are known for “More than camping, an oasis escape from time and the desert”.   I completely agree with this statement – as my stay here was very enjoyable.

Voted in the top 100 of North American’s favorite campgrounds, Lo Lo Mai is a short distance from Sedona and includes the best of 3 camping worlds. Whether you want to pitch a tent, stay in an RV, or a sleep in a cabin, you can do so here.  This campsite is also a favorite among families due to the various activiteis that you can participate in right at the campsite.


  • Shaded by sycamores and cottonwood trees
  • RV Sites
  • Cabins
  • Swimming Pool and Spa
  • Sports Court/Shuffleboard Court
  • Horsehoe Pits
  • 3 – Clean and well maintained bathroom and shower facilities.
  • Childrens playground

For more information on Lo Lo Mai Campgrounds, visit: or call 928-634-4700 for reservations.


There are many options to choose from if you don’t want to stay in a Hotel.  Just be sure to call way ahead of time to make reservations or arrange a time to get to the camp earlier in the week for the non reservable camping spots.  Whether you stay in a tent, RV or plan a retreat- you are sure to enjoy your stay in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.  I’m going to get on my soap box for just a moment- all of the places I’ve shared with you in this article are pristine and beautiful because they are well taken care of.  Please keep this in mind wherever you stay in Sedona- and be sure to follow the Leave No Trace Principles.

Happy Camping!

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  1. Sujandar Mahesan

    Sedona Arizona Camping Sites are one of the calm and beautiful places you can go to embrace the nature. I know this because my friends family went camping last year and he told me how good of a trip it was. You listed all the sites in this article with proper guidelines. Thank you for that.

    • admin

      You are welcome!  Glad to hear that your friends enjoyed their camping trip. 🙂

  2. mzakapon


    Thank you for writing a great article about Sedona Arizona Camping Sites. I heard about it but not visited that place yet. Many of my friends are planning to go for camping. I am going to discuss about this camping sites and I believe they will be interested on this. I have to save your article in my bookmark section for later use. I believe it will be helpful for many adventurers. Thanks for writing this helpful information.

    • admin

      So nice of you to share this information with your friends.  I don’t know where you live, but there are people from all over the world that visit Sedona.  Have a great time if you or your friends do end up camping in Sedona!  

  3. cpascal

    Although I’ve never been camping, these campsites make it sound like something that’s worth trying. Not only is it a lot cheaper to stay at a campsite than in a hotel, one is also much closer to the scenery. It also makes living in an RV look attractive. One can plan their travels so they’re at various destinations during the best time of the year to be there.

    • admin

      Many people do travel to AZ in RV’s and travel to the State and National parks in AZ. Thanks for your comments!

  4. Kehinde Segun

    Thank you for this amazing lovely post. You just gave the idea how my summer will go, because this Sedona Arizona Camping site is actually eye catching and lovely place to to reflects after long months of work. The facilities there like grilling stuffs is what actually interests me most and having the option of not staying in hotel is actually amazing for me

    • admin

      And thank you for taking the time to comment!  I hope this article inspired you to go.  I’m biased, but I would take tent camping any day over staying in a hotel.  

  5. Luke

    Hi Misty, very interesting and informative article about Sedona Arizona Camping Sites. I actually read somewhere on internet about Sedona not so long ago and now after reading your review it seems really nice place. I see that camping sites in that area are very popular, it is actually a hard decision which site top choose. I would prefer the Cave Springs Campsite. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • admin

      Hey Luke- yes Sedona is truly a magical place.  I can’t emphasize enough the importance of reserving the camping spots early if you do go tent camping.  If you can, go during the week vs. Weekends or Holidays. 

  6. cjciganotto


    For what you explain I have no doubt that camping at Sedona Arizona Camping Sites will be a wonderful experience for my whole family. We love trout fishing and we have a large tent for 4 people. Please tell me what place you would recommend me to make the reservation. We think about going next spring, we like a quiet place and it’s good to relax. Thanks for all your advice. 

    Thank you!

  7. Kenechi

    Sedona Arizona is indeed one of the world best tourist places and there are a lot to get to see there. I will love to visit there in no distant time. I have been to a lot of tourist places and this Arizona is a place I have not been to and it’s a must visit .The beautiful red rocks and other things nature bestowed it with are all wonderful.

    • admin

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.  I hope you get to visit Sedona soon!  

  8. Humayra


    Thanks for sharing an awesome representation. I looked your all about campsites. These all are very beautiful and reasonable in cost. All the campsite are most impressive but i mostly like CAVE SPRINGS CAMPSITE that is more suitable 

    and has unique features that impressed me. It will be very interesting and much enjoyable. Although of a long distance.

    Thanks once again.  

    • admin

      You’re very welcome!  Their are numerous places to camp in AZ at no cost, but the fee charged at these parks goes towards keeping it beautiful.  Thousands of people visit Sedona every year; if people were not getting paid to pick up garbage, etc. it literally be “trashed”.  

  9. icb50

    Sedona Arizona Camping Sites, this is an interesting expose on camping sites.The need for tranquility will necessitate one to take a visit to Camp Avalon – Peaceful Retreat. This is the camp I like most. It is the place where one can go for meditation and for sober reflection. This place provides for spiritual retreat.This is the place I wish to visit very soon and get to connect with friends, extraordinary people, and endless opportunities. I recommend this article for those who need a camping place like Sedona Arizona Camping Sites

    • admin

      Thanks for your response!  Camp Avalon is a great place for those who want the guidance in meditation and relaxation.  In the hustle and bustle of our lives, we need to take the time for ourselves to unwind and relax.  Camp Avalon is the ideal place for this. 

  10. Dave Hayes

    Crikey this takes me back a few years to when I was camping out with a mate of mine we certainly didn’t have anything like this, nor was the interney around either, I take it you use these types of tents personally or know someone who does

    You have covered the topic in great detail so that someone new coming to this, would be able to make a good decision on what type of equipment would be best suited

    • Misty

      Hi Dave- thanks for taking the time to reply.  I do have several different tents I use depending on where I go,etc.  It is always good to know what your choices are before deciding.  

  11. Ron

    This has been very informative. I particularly like the bootlegger camp site. I am all bout scenery, but also knowing that there are various activities i can engage in will make my stay even more exciting. Thank for giving the price and the directions. All left to do now is pack up, plug in the directions on my GPS and go!

    • Misty

      Hi Ron- thanks so much for your response.  Yes- the Bootlegger Camp Site is a great one.  And have a great time if you do camping in Sedona!

  12. Barrywesley

    This article about Sedona Arizona camping site is quite a perfect and a beautiful one and I got this  information at the right time because I have  pastor for a friend who has been searching for camp out side the sketch of Nigeria where him and some other pastors can go and have their quiet time and also spend some time with the lord. This information will definitely get to them. And I will also inform others that will be interested. It is actually lovely and beautiful following the fact that it has outstanding options and it’s affordable. Thanks for the information 

    • Misty

      Thanks so much for your kind words about the article!  Sedona is a magnificent place; it is growing in popularity ever year.  Best of luck to your friend on their travels if they do visit Sedona.  

  13. Imran

    I have never gone camping before. Where I’m from, camping is not considered one of the top hobbies or past times to do. Having said that, I do love to be in nature, and reading your article really excited me to start looking more seriously at camping. 

    What camping site would you recommend for a beginner camper?

  14. Donas

    I have never have of this before in my life..maybe am less informed about this kind of places, but from the look of things I find it interesting Sedona Arizona, the name alone sounds to me like a place where you find solitude.but from the look of things I have various camping site like the Manzanita, Bootlegger, Pine Flats and Cave Springs.also has rest r room facilities, grills, fire pits.well I do think is an interesting place to be and also a place where you meet people of various classes.and one nice about the Sedona Arizona is that various camp site has different price to suite your taste or preferences. 

    • Misty

      Thanks so much for your comments- Sedona definitely has something for everyone.  Nice to hear that you have these types of facilities where you live as well.

  15. Leo

    Who does not want to spend a week in such a magical place as Sedona?

    I’m a big fan of camping and Sedona form me would be a real treat. What a recuperation it would be for a soul and body to spend a week in the untouched nature of the Sedona Park.

    There is an interesting story about the famous red rocks in Sedona, but it is a subject for another time…However I will say … these rocks were once huge trees. Yes, big trees.

    Sedona is definitely on my wish list.

    Have a nice day,


    • Misty

      Nice to hear you think Sedona is a great place as well!   I love your input regarding the Sedona Rock- it is a such a beautiful Color!

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