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You may not give lights too much thought- until it becomes a necessity.  Stumbling through the forest from the campfire to your tent in the dark is no fun.  There are so many different lights to choose from- so I wanted to add my thoughts on the one light that I really like to use in camp. And so here is my Streamlight Siege Lantern Review.

Benefits of the Streamlight

Unlike flashlights that can blind you momentarily, these lights are easy on the eyes.  If your kids are like mine- they love shining that flashlight directly into your eyeballs. The nice soft light from these are bright enough to use for games in the evening and walking to the tent safely.

This light is also easy to carry unlike a typical Gas lantern that has glass.  We use these gas lanterns in camp- but do not let the kids play with them.  The kids like having their own light to carry around; these are small enough to even place in hoodie pockets when they are not in use.

These lights can also be used in various ways.  We like to hang them from inside our tent; which gives us a nice cozy feeling.  My daughter also likes to use this light at night when she reads in the tent.  This Streamlight sits easily beside her -a shining beacon that illuminates the pages of her Twighlight Book.

Finally, and the BEST part about these lights is that they are safe to use. They require batteries and have zero glass.  So no worries about fires starting or glass breaking.


How to use the Product

These lights are pretty straightforward to use.  There is this white radial button on the light.  You can push down and hold for several seconds to get either the White light or the Red.  It can be a little tricky at first- but if kids can figure it out, so can adults.  ?

Here is a video on Amazon to get more details on how to use this lantern.

My kids and I have these lights with us from dusk until we go to bed.  There is a handle that makes it easy to carry around.  To hang these in the tent- we use black hair ties.  You loop it through the handle and then connect it to the hooks in the tent.  We have also set this light in the middle of the table so the kids can play their card games in the evening.


My kids and their friend playing a serious game of Uno


Product Description and Features 

  • Cordless, alkaline battery powered lantern
  • Provides 360 degrees of soft even light that illuminates large areas
  • Stable on slippery or uneven surfaces.
  • Four white C4 LEDs and one red LED.
  • White light: 540 Lumens runs for 30 hours, Medium Light: 275 Lumens and runs for 70 hours, Low Light: 55 Lumens and runs for 295 hours.
  • One red LED (steady nigh vision preserving mode)
  • Power button is recessed- prevents accidentally turning the light on.
  • Uses 3- D Cell alkaline batteries (which are sold separately)
  • Base diameter: 80 in, Height:  7.25 in, Weight 1 lb 15.0 oz with batteries



Who is the Product for?

This light is designed more for camping than backpacking.  For any individual or family that goes camping this is a great light to use!  Especially for those parents who are safety conscious- the Streamlight is the perfect gear to have in camp.

Love Notes

Streamlight has been in business since 1973.  They have such a great product because they understand what their customers need.  They go camping and use lights in the same ways.  They even take courses in low-light shooting and believe in hands-on, real world experience that lead to new innovative ideas.

What could be improved

For some, this Streamlight Lantern  could be considered a bit expensive.  However, this light will last you a long time.  We’ve never had any problems with this light and we use them year after year.  Check it out here on Amazon:

The one star reviews were related to not receiving the right light or the product being dead upon arrival (and yes, the person had batteries).

Favorite Amazon Quote on the Product:

“There are just some things you get you don’t appreciate it when you first get it. for me it was the handle on the lantern. when saw it i was thinking it was some goofy marketing thing. after a few camp trips this is my go to camp light”- Greg


 Final Thoughts

You will not go wrong buying this light- You will see how easy it use to use, convenient to have around camp, and how much fun your kids will have with their own bright light to use.

Let us know how you like this light- or have other ways that you have used it.  Or- just leave a comment below on what you think about this light.

Happy Camping!

10 Responses

  1. Charity

    My boys love going camping every summer up in the mountains and I swear every year I have to buy them new lanterns because there just inst quality ones out there that last year to year and they always tell me that they dont work well. I am happy to read your review and see that this may be a good fit for me to get them that will do the job, help keep them safe, and be able to last more than one summer. Thanks!

    • Misty

      Good for you that you take your boys camping!  These lanterns are very durable- my son and his friends are rough on everything- but have not managed to break this lantern.  

  2. Shashwat .Prakash


    You have a beautiful site. I loved reading this article about camping lights. It made me remember my childhood days when we used to camp, me and my dad. The product itself seems quite worthy. The problem with glass lanterns is that children tend to break it and its unsafe. I see this product solves that problem. I might buy them soon.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Misty

      Thanks for your kind words regarding my site.  You are right- having glass around kids can be scary indeed!  Jump back on and leave a comment if you do end up buying the lights.  🙂

  3. mjds

    L’article est bon en soi. Contenu intéressant. La vidéo est très explicative et contient beaucoup de détails. Ça aide toujours. Le produit est un produit Amazon. Mais votre pas mis un lien cliquable qui redirige vers la plate-forme d’achat si nécessaire.

    • Misty

      Hmm..I only speak English.  Lol.   But I’m going to trust what you said is good.  Thanks for your feedback!  🙂

  4. Xaric

    I am currently planning a camping trip for this year’s summer vacation and I was looking for some equipment including some lights. Streamlight Siege Lantern seems like a legit way to illuminate our nights while camping on the beach and it’s not that expensive as you mentioned within your article.

    I have one question for you. Can we use rechargeable batteries in it?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • Misty

      Oh yes-camping on the beach! Thanks for adding this comment. I’m not that close to the beach so I didn’t even think of this purpose.  The Super Siege Lantern has the rechargeable battery option. 

  5. Jay

    Wow, this seems like a great light. Amazing that it last for 70 hrs at what would probably be considered medium light level. Would be great for camping, but also home power outages as well. Has really good customer reviews too. I don’t do a lot of camping but I did think about how it would be great to have during a storm if power goes out for a long time. Thanks

    • admin

      Hi Jay- this light would be great for power outages as well! Thanks for your comments!

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