Teton Sleeping Bag Review – Stay Toasty and Sleep in Style

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Teton sleeping bags have long been considered products of excellent quality, popular for their comfort and versatility. One of their most popular offerings is the TETON sports deer hunter 0F Flannel lined sleeping bag, which is immediately striking for its combination of retro aesthetics and modern features, bringing the best of both worlds together.  I have owned many different types of sleepings bags- and I can say this one is my all time favorite.  Through this Teton Sleeping Bag Review, I hope to help you make a solid decision on whether to buy one for yourself.


What’s special about these popular camping items is that they provide excellent features ad great build materials at a cost-effective rate, meaning that they won’t disappoint camping experts on a tighter budget, but that they’re also perfect for beginners looking for a good alternative without breaking the bank.


Classic Design

In terms of design, Teton sleeping bags have a classic feel, but their timeless simplicity hides many special features under the hood. For instance, you can expect a really comfortable experience because of the soft-lining that makes this sleeping bag a pleasure to cozy up in! The design looks pleasantly old-fashioned, with classic camping themes and deer hunter-style plaid aesthetics. The half-circle mummy-style hood is not purely for the looks. This design approach is meant to help the sleeping bag retain as much warmth as possible. The flannel lining, besides looking great, also retains a lot of heat as well, making for an even more comfortable sleeping experience.

I love the Plaid Design!


In addition to that, it can help you keep your pillow clean, as well as enjoy more versatility if you want more air to seep through. This means that this Teton sleeping bag is either a great winter option or a nice summer camping sleeping bag since you can let some air through for a fresher night if needed!


On the contrary, you can also turn the TETON sleeping bag into a comfortable accessory for the winter.  The Teton sleeping bag I have is rated 0 Degrees.  You can use a camp pad or bring an extra blanket if you want to add an even warmer layer to insulate your body from cold outdoor temperatures.




If you want to enhance the versatility of this sleeping bag further, TETON offers many other matching products and accessories that you can purchase alongside the sleeping back itself. For instance, TETON offers camp pillows, as well as extra-large pads, made of lightweight foam to minimize weight, without compromising in terms of comfort and heat retention.

Doesn’t Break the Bank

I stay warm and cozy in my Teton Sleeping Bag
I stay warm and cozy in my Teton Sleeping Bag

The seasonality of this sleeping bag is particularly remarkable, and it is definitely one of the strongest selling points of these products. If you are looking for a sleeping bag that will serve you well throughout different times of the year, this might be your best bet at a relatively reasonable price. In fact, this is often considered one of the best sleeping bags under $100 dollars that you’re likely going to find on the market!

A good night’s sleep in a comfortable sleeping bag can prevent many issues, such as a sore back or fatigue when you’re trekking and spending your days out in the wilderness!


Durable and Portable

In addition to the seasonal adaptability and great design features, the construction is quite rugged and dependable. You’ll find that the TETON sleeping bag is very durable, and it will give you many years of use, thanks to its tough construction. The sleeping bag is also water-resistant, because of its caves shell, which has been built to stand the test of time…and many adventures on the road (or better yet, off the road!)

Another important point to consider is practicality. How bulky is this sleeping bag? How easy can it be stored and lugged around? The size of the TETON sleeping bag is, thankfully, very manageable. As you know, being able to carry as much equipment as possible without suffering from too much weight load is very important for any camper. For this reason, the design team at TETON arguably went to great lengths to create a sleeping bag that uses some of the lightest materials available, without necessarily compromising in terms of This means that it will be a fantastic choice, even for campers on a light load, going out without too much gear or means of transportations. It also features hang loops, which allow users to store the sleeping bag conveniently, even in the long-term!


  • Half-circle mummy style hood keeps you warm ; Unzips on each side for airflow and easy access; perfect for camping in three seasons
  • Great for cold weather: You’ll be warm and rested in this sleeping bag; Innovative fiber fill, double-layer construction and draft tubes work together to keep the warmth in
  • Soft liner and rugged, water-resistant canvas shell will last for years under rigorous adventures
  • Sleep comfortable with the spacious design- 39″ Wide and 90″ long- great for people of all sizes.
  • Inside pocket- perfect for those smaller items such as phone, keys, or wallet
I place my phone in mine.


Rave Reviews

So don’t just take it from me- check out what others are saying on Amazon:

“Excellent cold Weather Bag which truly lives up to it’s Billing” ~A. Aurelius

“This is about as good of a sleeping bag that you can ever buy” ~ Somebody


At the end of the day, the TETON sports deer hunter 0F Flannel lined sleeping bag is a perfect solution, whether you are a frequent camper or a one-off outdoor aficionado taking camping trips every now and then. Its relatively accessible price point makes it a perfect choice, and this high-quality product is particularly affordable, especially if you don’t really need or want any of the extra accessories (such as the aforementioned camping pillows and foam sleeping bag pads) which might actually drive the price up a little more.

Do you have a Teton Sleeping Bag or experience with sleeping in one?  We would love to hear your experience- please leave us a comment below!



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