The Best Family Camping Adventures in Arizona

Family Camping in AZ


Arizona is filled with gorgeous landscapes and beautiful places to camp. But did you know that it’s not only for adventure lovers but also for families? There are many family-oriented campgrounds all over Arizona where you and your loved ones can have memorable adventures.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best locations in Arizona for you and your family to camp and enjoy some unique and memorable activities.

Recreation on Fool Hollow Lake

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest offers one of the best campsites in all of Arizona. The area has some beautiful forest scenery and most importantly, a stunning lake where you and your family can go boating and fishing. Nothing beats the fun times you can have with your family while fishing and boating on such a beautiful lake. You can even go paddle boarding with the kids. Don’t forget the life jackets!

The campsite is perfect for families as it offers a lot more as well. There are picnic areas, playgrounds for kids, and, of course, the campground offers hot showers.

Go Hiking at Pine Grove Campground

Flagstaff is already a known a hugely popular destination, and one of the reasons for it is the marvelous Pine Grove Campground. The location is spacious and very comfortable as it offers all the amenities you and your family might need (toilets, showers, drinking water, grills).

The most important thing here is that the location is vast and it offers plenty of hiking trails for a family to take. The best thing about these trails is that they will guide you through numerous places where you can watch the awe-inspiring wildlife of Arizona. Depending on the time of the year, you’ll be able to see waterfowl, bald eagles, ospreys, elk, and mule deer.

Horse Riding at View Campground

The View Campground is located in the famous Mountain Valley. The area is featured in many Western movies due to the immense beauty of this unique Arizona landscape. You can hardly beat the fascination of a place where both the sunsets and sunrises are jaw-dropping.

One of the best things about this place is the fact that you and your family can learn about the Navajo culture in a unique experience that involves horse riding. If not that, you can always opt for a comfy heavy-duty jeep that will take through the history of the place.

Camp at Cave Spring Campground

There’s no specific activity to undertake in this gorgeous campground near Sedona, because everything is worth experiencing. You can visit Sedona or Slide Rock State Park – two immensely popular Arizona attractions.

As for the campground itself, it’s great for both regular campers and RVers. You and your family can go fishing here, hiking, birding, swimming, watching the wildlife, and much more. There’s no getting bored in this wonderful part of Arizona.

In Closing

So there you have it, four amazing places where you and your family can have a memorable adventure. For more information, feel free to visit our partner or contact us.



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