Unique Camping Gifts – Top Ten Presents for Your Adventurer

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It can be so much fun buying gifts for your Outdoor Enthusiast.  I have provided you with awesome ideas for unique camping gifts that will be a huge hit!  Having what you need in camp can truly make a difference in the overall experience.


Personalized Camping Chair

Want to make your loved ones feel like a Super Star at Camp?  Present them with a personalized camping chair and see their face light up like the night sky.  People love seeing their name and even more so when they are in Nature.  Give them their own little space and a place to kick it after a nice long hike or swim in the lake.  Having their very own monogrammed chair will keep them smiling and happy the entire time.


image 0



Where to purchase:   Etsy

Important to know: 

  • Weight Limit: 225 lbs
  • Brand: Academy Logo
  • Built in Cup Holders
  • Steel Frame

The Cost: $25.00

Reviews: 5 Stars!

Not so awesome:  This seller indicates this chair is not as sturdy for adults (even though the weight limit is 225 Lbs)


Camping Portable Toilet

Thanks Honey for this beautiful camping toilet!  Says no one ever….  Perhaps you have never thought about giving someone a camping toilet for a gift, but let me tell you- it is one of my favorite camping items. This piece of camping equipment is geared towards those who are staying in a tent.

If you don’t like to get up during the middle of the night (and literally freeze your butt off), then this makes the perfect gift for yourself!  This works best for going number #1 of course because you don’t want to stink up the tent.  I love to camp- and this toilet makes it so much better. It is convenient when I wake up at 2am to go potty.   My kids love this too because they get freaked out at night.  You also don’t have to hear the tent zip and unzip all night either.

AZ Camping Toilet


This situation works best if your loved ones are sleeping and you feel comfortable going pee with others in the tent.   You could park it right outside your tent as well so you don’t have as long of a stumble through the woods to get to the “bathroom”.   This toilet also works well for hunting or fishing expeditions- it could be the official man toilet.  (Okay- don’t visualize this).

Self-disclosure:  If you take the Loo in front of a vehicle (when you’re camping during the day), make sure you move it before getting in the vehicle.  (Yes, I ran it over)

Where to purchase:  Amazon

Important to know:

  • Works with the standard double doodle bag
  • Length: 13.50 width: 13.00 height: 15.56
  • Easy to carry: 3.00lbs
  • Reasonably priced (well worth it in my humble opinion)
  • (20-liter) capacity
  • Traditional snap-on lid
  • Clean up is easy: waste compacts into a sealable bag


The Cost:  $38.15

Not so Awesome:  The one and two star reviews related to the lid having a poor design and not fitting well.

The Loo Review:

Loo Review


Favorite Luggable Loo Q & A: 

Q: Is it “comfortable enough” to sit on for an hour?

A: No. I’ve never seen any toilet comfortable enough to sit on for an hour. If you’re needing to sit on it for an hour, you may want to see a doctor.


Camping Books

Have a friend or family member that loves to read?  You have a couple of options here- give them a book on camping (if they are a How To Nerd like me) or books they will like to read while camping.  If you give a How To Book, this will encourage your gift receiver to adequately prepare and be well organized for your trip.  Always a plus- so when you get to camp you’re not missing essential items like a cooking pot (And no- of course I’ve never done this).

Having a book in camp can be one of the most enjoyable activities-especially if you read in a hammock or next to a river or lake.     When you give a book as a gift- you are telling that person to take some time out for themselves and to relax.


Where to purchaseAmazon

Book:  How to Camp Out -Advice from a Civil War Veteran

Important to know:

  • Available in hardback, paper, or Kindle
  • Written by an author who has literally been in the Trenches
  • Small enough to carry while backpacking
  • Contains practical and timeless information

The Cost:  Hardcover-$26.74   & Paperback-$5.25

Not so Awesome:  This book is a bit dated-for example it talks about the necessary length of a woman’s skirt.  The one and two stars relate to the book being useless and that it seems the content was computer generated.

Thank Heavens us women don’t have the societal norm to wear skirts camping anymore!  I added more books below, but I highlighted this one because I find it fascinating that this gentleman recognized during this time frame that people were starting to go camping.  I think wanting to get into nature is innate in all of us.  The more we are surrounded by concrete, the more we need the beautiful green spaces.



Favorite Quote from the Book: ““They say that a little gunpowder flashed in the tent will drive out flies and mosquitoes. I saw a man try it once, but noticed that he himself went out in a great hurry, while the flies, if they went out at all, were back again before he was.” Ah, those were the days! 🙂

Additional Camping Books: 



Personalized Camping T-Shirts

Who doesn’t love receiving T-shirts as a gift?  My mind automatically goes to personalized whenever possible.  This shows that you have put in more thought, time and energy into the gift; You can’t just decide this at the last minute and then be able to give this.

Depending on the weather of course (and the number of mosquitos), it’s super comfy to be in camp in a T-shirt.  They keep you cool and you’ll look great.

Personalized T’s while camping can be a lot of fun too- get matching ones for you and your significant other or for your entire family.  If you have a bunch of little ones running around perhaps you want to buy them each a T-shirt with Bright Neon Colors to keep track of them.

Where to purchase:  Etsy

Important to know:

  • Handmade
  • Material is cotton
  • Made to order
  • Relaxed fit with tapered sides

The Cost: $21.22

Not so Awesome:  I couldn’t find one negative review. One lady mentioned that the sleeves weren’t rolled up like in the picture.  Of course they wouldn’t be!


Favorite Review: 

“Love both of my shirts” – Sarah Fraley


Personalized Glass Water Bottle

A keyword search on this brought up over 8000 searches.  I never realized how popular personalized water bottles are- see, just goes to show you how much people love their name.

I realize that some may be leary about taking a glass water bottle camping, but they do have a sleeves you can purchase as well. I love drinking from glass because the water tastes so much better to me.


Where to purchase:  Etsy

Important to know:

  • Made to order
  • Materials: Glass and Vinyl
  • Comes with a strap

The Cost: $10.00

Not so Awesome:  I couldn’t find one negative review on these glass bottles.


Favorite Question/Review: 

This was for a gift! Recipient loves!!!! Fast turnaround! Thank you! – Taylor


Camp Heater

This camp heater is not only for the ladies.  I know several hunters that use heaters in their tents. Of course you need to be very careful and take caution when using it.  Make sure you don’t fall asleep with this heater on- and that you have excellent ventilation.  If you have a loved one that is cold blooded and the lower temps can keep them from camping, then this gift is a must.


Where to purchase: Amazon

Important to know:

  • Can use for indoor or outdoor
  • 4,000- to 9,000-BTU radiant heater for spaces up to 200 square feet
  • Auto shuts off if heater is tipped over or if low oxygen is detected.
  • Handle folds down, swivel out regulator

The Cost: $78.29

Not so Awesome:  The one and two star reviews for this heater indicate the plastic was breaking and the parts falling off.


CAUTION:  Do not use unauthorized accessories/attachments with this heater- could cause serious injury

Favorite Amazon Q & A:

Q: Is this sensitive to movement? If used on a boat would gentle waves shut it off?

A: It will shut off with any slight bump. The golf cart heater will handle much rougher conditions if it will work in your situation

– Curtis P


Patagonia Fleece for Men

Patagonia is a company that I truly believe in.  The founder, Yvon Chouinard, started climbing at the age of 14.  His company has remained very profitable since the beginning and they are a Philanthropic company.  His book, “Let My People Go Surfing” has recently been updated for it’s 10th Anniversary.  Patagonia also contributes $100,000 annually to the Conservation Alliance.

Aside from the fact this is an amazing company- your guy will look hot in any of the Patagonia Clothing.

Clothing: Patagonia Men’s Better Sweater Jacket

Where to purchase:  Amazon

Important to know:

  • Made of 100% bluesign Polyester
  • Dyed with a process that drastically reduces dyes, energy, and water used.
  • Raglan Sleeves- Comfortable and Wicks the Sweat away.

The Cost: $181.53 – $229.95

Not so Awesome:  The one stars on here stated that the product did not ship and that the Patagonia Patch was crooked.


Favorite Amazon Review: 

“Just gave it to my husband for his birthday and it looks good, fits as expected. He’s happy, I’m happy!”

Robyn W

Journal – The Camping LogBook

Reflecting in nature can be extremely therapeutic for the soul. If you have a loved one that is creative, likes to write, and is a deep thinker then this could be the perfect gift for them. I personally journal every single morning- and I love to write outdoors even more.  The fresh air breathes life into words and inspires tremendous creativity and imagination.  This is an excellent gift for Adults or Children.

Where to purchaseAmazon

Important to know:

  • Available in a Hardcover
  • Prompting pages: details on location, attractions, what not to do next time, etc.
  • Space for photos
  • Back cover Pocket for Notes, cards, etc
  • Adorable red and black check design

The Cost: $9.30

Not so Awesome: One of the 3 star reviews said they wished there were more pages to record the details.



Favorite 3 Star Review Quote:

“This was a gift. I suppose she is enjoying it”


Portable Make Up Case

Not all ladies are comfortable going bare face while they are camping.  I know I always wear at least foundation and mascara on my camping trips.  This case will make it easier for your girlfriend or wife to take their make up along.

Where to purchase:  Amazon

Important to know:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Perfect travel bag for lipstick, brushes, eyeshadows, foundations, and blush
  • Adjustable foam padded dividers (Can get ready quickly and look fab in no time)
  • Made with 1680D Nylon to last for years
  • Make up is not included (bummer)!


The Cost: $19.99


Not so Awesome:  The three star review noted that the item was flimsy.

Favorite Review/Quote:

“Very happy with this purchase. Excellent storage space. Made well”.



Swiss Army Knife

This little tool will give you MacGyver Abilities. Even better than duct tape, the handsome hunk in your life can do all sorts of stuff with this knife.  I’ve given this as a gift before and you would have thought they received a Rolex Watch.  Men love this kind of stuff- right guys?


Where to Purchase: Amazon

Important to Know:

  • Has 15 different functions -corkscrew, bottle opener with screwdriver, wood saw and scissors to name a few.
  • Made of Stainless steel -encased in polished red ABS scales 
  • Compact design -perfect knife for any outdoor activity including camping, fishing, or hiking

The Cost: $31.95


Not so Awesome:

The one and two star reviews indicate the knife was scratched and other person said that the knife had been used before. Eww…

Favorite Question:

A: I’m sure it can cut a seat belt. It doesn’t have a glass breaker on it. It is a great knife though.  -Gil

In conclusion:

So there you have it- Ten Unique Camping Gifts that will be sure to make any of your friends or family happy.  What have been some of your favorite outdoor gifts?  Please drop us a comment below.


Happy Camping!

44 Responses

  1. Michel

    Some great gifts here and the personalized camping chair is amongst my favorites. At least other people won’t have an excuse when you catch them sitting on your chair.

    The Swiss army knife and also the toilet make very useful camping companions too, although I am not so sure how comfortable I would be giving someone a toilet as a gift.

    • Misty

      Glad to hear that you liked some of the gift ideas.  You do have a good point regarding the toilet- definitely a more touchy topic for some.  lol   

  2. Louis

    I have a grandpa who loves camping. More especially not that he is a retiree, I know he would appreciate any one if this gifts you’ve listed. 

    However, I would like to get him a personalized item, songs would know I put some thought into it before purchasing.  He would really love a glass water bottle, and every time he drinks, he will remember the respect I have for him. Thanks for this tip, I’ll get him one right away! 


    • Misty

      So nice to hear your Grandpa likes to camp.  This is what I love about camping is that it’s an activity you can do for a lifetime.  As far as the glass water bottles- I have about seven of them.  I’m obsessed!

  3. Wealthfather

    I am happy to see this lovely post because i have been thinking of different kinds of gifts for my adventurers and Here comes the secrets I have been looking for.  The best of all is camping books because there is a quote that says Readers are leaders ; This will also help to keep adventurers busy.I also appreciate the fact that it is not too costly which makes it much more recommendable. I hope to try out other gifts listed in the article.

    Thanks for the eye opener

    • Misty

      I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the post.  The most recent book I purchased for the Outdoors was a Field Guide for the White Tanks in AZ.  It was a great reference to have in identifying the different plants and animals.

  4. ajibola40

    Thanks for writing this article on unique camping gifts love ones will appreciate when going for an adventure.i must first commend you for doing your findings and come out with all this items.all the items in this article are essential when going on an adventure journey especially the Camping Portable Toilet,is so useful because I can remember when I went for an adventure journey sometimes ago without one. I will have appreciated it, if one of my love one give me one as a gift before going on that journey  that year

    • Misty

      You’re welcome- and thank you for reading and commenting. Getting a toilet as a gift would definitely be a memorable experience.  They do make a huge difference!

  5. Olalekan Taliat

    I have always enjoy camping and its my favourite spot over and over again. Deep in the woods where no one would want to be for the dead silence and isolation. My only problem is the freezing cold night I have to endure. As this place is located near a stream ( though I love to fish alone in the evening). 

    With the camp heater I believe am going to enjoy my next camping more than ever. Am  going to make a budget for the just above $78 price tag, and I know I will have no cause for regret.

    • Misty

      Having the heater has made a huge difference for me-especially during the colder months.  I realize though that not everyone would be comfortable using this heater in their tent because it does require caution.  Thanks for your comment!

  6. Vapz

    You made me laugh so much with that “sitting for and hour on the loo” and “maybe you need to see a doctor”. I loved reading this post because it was fun and informative all the way,I enjoyed the read and The most of the gift items were very practical and not too pricey. It definitely would be appreciated by any camper . They are very unique Camping gifts for any adventurer. I especially loved the make up bag,the luggable Loo and the swiss army knife. Well,I can start with gifting them to myself before I get to gifting others;-). We all love gifts too,don’t we…….I think my kids will love the customized glass bottles,we should all be able to get some gifts for our next adventure. Thanks for putting this together.

    • Misty

      I was laughing too when I read that comment on Amazon- so it gave me the idea to add it.  Glad you thought the gifts were practical as well. There are so many different gadgets out there on the market it can be overwhelming. Thanks for your time in commenting!

  7. Robert Trevor

    The most important item, when camping is a good warm sleeping bag, I would have put that, as the best gift for a friend,I am surprised that it was not on the list.

    The portable toilet rates pretty high, as going out in the cold, to the toilet is not something we relish, in the middle of the night,especially as you get older.

    The personalised camping chair is a nice idea, as it has a cupholder, and it is comfortable, as I have one of my own.

    The camping heater is a must if we go camping in the cold weather, as a tent can get very cold, very quickly,the one we own is metal and works on gas.

    • Misty

      Robert- you are right.  A sleeping bag would make an excellent gift as well.  Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. Ricardo

    I have went camping before and I also know people that like camping. These are great ideas for some good gifts, I’ll check them out for when I know someone wants to camping. I think something that would be very useful to me would be the camp heater since it usually gets cold at night which makes it hard to sleep and I know this heater would help that out. All these gifts can be useful and interesting to get for people.

    • Misty

      Hello Ricardo, thank you for taking the time to comment.  I am glad to hear that you think the heater would be nice to have in camp.  I know it’s made a huge difference for me!

  9. Anita

    Those are great unique camping gifts! The portable toilet would also be useful if you were out on a boat for a few hours, especially with kids. We have the heater and it works pretty good, it could easily warm up a tent. and wow that swiss army knife does a lot of different things.

    • Misty

      Hello Anita,  Great point regarding the toilet.  I never thought of using this on a boat, but I definitely see the benefit of this.  You must have a boat then?  And yes, the good ol’ Swiss Army Knife- can’t go wrong with this one.  

  10. tawhid

    Hello Misty,

    I have read your article on Unique Camping Gifts – Top Ten Presents for Your Adventurer, Thanks for writing this article on unique camping gifts love ones will appreciate when going for an adventure. i must commend you for doing your findings and come out with all this items I am happy to see this lovely post because, i have been thinking of different kinds of gifts for my adventurers and Here comes the secrets I have been looking for. Thanks for the nice post.

    • Misty

      Hello, I’m glad you found this information valuable.  It really is about giving people the tools and resources to get them outdoors.  For me, this is the key to living a long and healthy life.

  11. Rony


    Thank you for sharing the necessary items that are needed in camp. It looks like I can buy these items easily as well.  This article is helping a lot of people make gift buying decisions. I know several of these items that I will be purchasing for friends and family.  Thank You for sharing this.I really loved it.

    • Misty

      Hello Rony, I’m glad you enjoyed the article!  I love hearing that I am helping people.  These gifts are all about helping others live a healthy life outdoors.  

  12. Kehinde Segun

    Hi there

    This is really educating post. Trust, I have never heard about camping toilet before. It sounds funny but really really essential when camping, truly. The camp heater is what I am going to take a long while going for summer camping. It is absolutely important to have ventilation inside the tent. The portable make up is a perfect gift for my beautiful girlfriend for our summer camping. Thank you for this lovely post

    • Misty

      You are very welcome- thanks for taking the time to read this article.  I’m so cold blooded that I have used the heater for summer camping as well. Depending on where you camp, it can still get cold.  If you do get the portable make up bag for your girlfriend, I hope she likes it!  🙂

  13. mhasanalvi

    Hi Misty,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative article with all the necessary information about “Unique Camping Gifts – Top Ten Presents for Your Adventurer”

    Really this is an amazing article. I like this article very much.These 10 unique gifts are very worty for our camping.I am going buy camping portable toilet and water bottle for my next camping as these two products are great useful thing for camping specially for me.I am badly in need of this two products for my next camping. This article is very helpful for all the people as you highlighted the article so nicely. I will share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can benifited from this.

    • Misty

      I greatly appreciate your kind review of this article.  The toilet is getting a lot of attention.  lol.  I do hope your friends and relatives enjoy this information as well.

  14. Chas

    I went tent camping for many years. I loved the peace and quiet, sitting around the fire makin’ smore’s and mountain pies over the campfire. My kids would have loved the camping chairs with their own name on it. So, since my son is now taking his family camping, i think I have found a nice gift, along with the autographed tumblers as well.

    Have you used the chairs while camping? I wondered how they would do in slightly uneven terrain.  The legs set up with lots of space between each one, appear like they would work much better than the old lawn chairs!!

    I am sure they would be just fine in a standard campground tenting area, or fishing spot while camping by the river.

    And the portable potty is a great idea! For anyone who has kids, and you don’t want to get woke up to watch out for bears, while the kids go outside the tent! leave it inside for them! Thanks for the useful ideas!


    • Misty

      Hello- thanks for taking the time to comment. Sounds like you’ve had some great times camping with your family. I have not used these particular chairs yet- I am planning on buying them for my own kids.  I will be taking them camping a lot this summer and I know they will really enjoy having these.  Thanks for adding the additional incentive for the toilet.  The bears in certain wilderness  areas are always something to be aware of.  

  15. Chidiking88

    Wow, life is easy with the right information. Bringing camping made easy equipment/gifts our way, is amazing, as it makes the camper’s adventure a lot easier. These camping chairs look so fascinating and easy to handle, the camping portable toilet can make a very sweet gift to a friend for camping delights. The t-shirt is just amazing, as it is good for the maintenance of good body temperature during a camping exercise. Campers really need those t-shirts. Good design portable water bottles. The Patagonian fleece and the heater are just awesome. 

    I would recommend this review for my friend to take a look. Thanks for this review.

    • Misty

      Hi- thanks for stopping by!  Nice to hear you think the toilet would make a nice gift.  I’ve had some say that it may be a little awkward to give this as a gift.  Glad you like the ideas for the fleece and heater as well.  Happy Camping!

  16. Rgpratap

    Hi Misty,
    So many attractive gifts for camping… Wow! I like to have many of them for my personal use, even if there is no camping program. 😜 Glass water bottle, portable makeup case, Swiss army knife and of course the camping chair with the name are the ones I should have. Wish if I have seen this thing before my hiking program to Dzuko Valley mountain. Thanks for sharing this product here. I enjoyed reading this article.


    • Misty

      Hello Rgpratap,  great to hear you liked many of these gifts.  You are right- some of these gifts work well for hiking too.  Thanks for commenting!

  17. Pat

    Great post. I love adventure and here camping comes into place. camping is so amazing when you go with friends and family and there is much to do together. i really love the camping chairs cos it’s so easy to fold and light to carry. The toilet is a plus for comfort. Women make up kit is very portable. these are great gifts for camping friends and family.

    • Misty

      Hi Pat- thanks for taking the time to comment.  I will definitely agree with you- camping is the absolute best when you go with friends and family.  

  18. Marlinda Davis

    Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to write this helpful article about gifts for the adventure enthusiast. My hubby really wants to go camping and he really spends too much time in the bathroom…I’ll put it that way, lol. 

    Anyways, the portable toilet sounds like the perfect gift for him so that we can go camping and have somewhere to go. He’s like a child too. He and my daughter are always whining to go to the bathroom I swear! 

    Thanks again and I may get it for him. I know he’ll be too excited about it too.

    • Misty

      This portable toilet has been a huge plus in my life when I go camping.  I hope your husband likes this gift if you do get it for him.  🙂

  19. akshaysaxena

    Amazing article, Misty. As I was reading your article, I noted your suggested products in my personal diary. They are really useful. I can see that their reviews and ratings are also great.

    I truly appreciate your efforts in listing them all. Surely, I’ll consider them. Personalized camping chair seems too great, at a very affordable cost.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome post. Keep up the fantastic work.


    • Misty

      Hello-thanks for taking the time to comment.  Glad to hear that you find some of the camping gifts useful!

  20. Fahim1

    Hi ,

    Thank you for sharing such a great article with us . Me and some of my friends are camping freak .And i am trying get something for them for so many days .But never found something attractive and new .But from your article i saw so many necessary and attractive things .I will gift them personalise camping chair and i will also try to use them one by one because all off them sounds amazing to me .I am amazed to see that every single piece of them got great review by people .

    Thank you again for sharing such a good article .

    • Misty

      Hello- glad you liked the camping gifts I suggested!  I do hope your friends like the gifts.  🙂

  21. Jane Edwin

    Just the article that I was looking for, guess what! I have read your article on Unique camping gifts, enumerating Top Ten Presents( Swiss Army Knife, Portable Make Up Case, Patagonia Clothing, camp heater, personalized water bottles, personalized camping T-shirts, camping books, camping toilet, personalized camping portable toilet, camping log book ) for Your Adventurer.

    Thanks for writing this article on unique camping gifts love ones will appreciate when going for an adventure. 

    These gifts makes camping fun and gets the adventurer, more adventurous. 

    My favorite outdoor gift is the camp heater. 

    What is your favorite outdoor gifts? 

    • Misty

      Yes- these gifts will definitely improve the camping experience. My all time favorite gift from this list would probably be the heater.  

  22. Dawn

    These are some great camping gift ideas. I’m especially intrigued by the portable potty and the Swiss Army knife. I had one when I was in the Peace Corps and it was an invaluable tool. I also like the idea of camping chairs but I think some options for adults would be nice, Great overall selection of gifts for the camping enthusiast!

    • Misty

      Hi Dawn- how wonderful that you were in the Peace Corps. I bet that was a great experience.  Thanks for taking the time to comment. 

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